The rope workshop

After braving the most extreme conditions, the cord of your bracelet may break. Good news, it is guaranteed for life and our teams are there to replace it. The steps to follow are very simple.

Put the bracelet in an envelope and protect it*

so that it can withstand transportation
(bubble wrap or Kraft paper for example).
*A bracelet received without protection will be refused.

Write the address of our workshop on the envelope:

Atelier de cordage

8 boulevard Jean Jaurès

63000, Clermont-Ferrand


Include a stamped envelope

with your address for the return,

in addition to the bracelet.


We will inform you by e-mail of its receipt

and do our best to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Once repaired, we will send you back your bracelet

in the envelope provided for this purpose

Return form

Required attachments