Une sélection de bracelets pour la nouvelle année
Une sélection de bracelets pour la nouvelle année

A selection of bracelets for the new year

While waiting for the novelties of the year 2023, here is our first selection of bracelets of the year, designed especially for you.

To start this year as it should, we choose to present you a bracelet from each collection. It's a way to take stock of our favorites for each collection we offer and to help you discover each of them if you missed one.

Le Vent à la Française is committed to offering you different collections to suit everyone, in terms of aesthetics but also prices.




Zéphyr Argent Vieilli Collection

The Zéphyr is one of the clearest models in the Argent Vieilli collection. Its beige color will remind you all year round of the warm sand of your favorite beaches. It is a bracelet 100% made in France, for quality at the rendezvous.

Like all our bracelets, it is water resistant to accompany you throughout your life and in all your activities.




Écorce Bois Collection

This 100% eco-responsible and French bracelet is made of a piece of beech wood from sustainably managed French forests. It is tied with a beige recycled polyester cord speckled with navy blue, white and dark beige for a mixed and refined model.





Arès Noir Asphalte Collection

A 100% French-made model, consisting of a black piece tied to a cord guaranteed for life that you can adjust to all wrists thanks to its two sliding knots. The Noir Asphalte collection is one of our most elegant collections. A gift for a man, even if all our bracelets remain unisex.



Cumulus - Plaqué Argent

The intermediary when you hesitate between Argent Vieilli and Argent 950. A 10 micron Silver plating enhances the iconic Le Vent à la Française medal. Always 100% made in France, its quality is unparalleled and guarantees its durability.




Régate Maillon 22 mm Collection

A 10 micron silver-plated medal, tied to a cord guaranteed for life, this bracelet will accompany you all your life. It is made by hand in our partner workshops, to guarantee you the highest possible quality. We particularly like its sky blue and beige color.




Véga Plaqué Or Solaire Collection

This plain brown bracelet will be perfect for the end of winter. This bracelet will sublimate your wrist thanks to its water-resistant cord and its 5 micron 14 carat Rose Gold Plated medallion.





AtomeArgent Vieilli Solaire Collection

The shades of the Solaire collection were a real success in 2022! We are happy to see that you liked this collection so much, that we want to offer it to you this time in pink, a colorful and soft shade. What better way to soften your daily life?



Bolide - Plaqué Argent Solaire Collection

The Solaire Collection, but even better! A Plaqué Argent Solaire collection offers you more minimalist bracelets, this time with a shiny Silver Plated medal. The cherry pink color of the cord will never leave you thanks to our lifetime guarantee, and will follow you every day.




Cosmique Plaqué Or Rose Solaire Collection

The excellence of French know-how with the prestige of rose gold plating. This high quality medal is made of brass covered with gold. A veneer whose exceptional thickness is a signature of our workshops. The shade of this black bracelet will be perfect to be associated with all your outfits.




MaréeMailles Collection

Inspired by the iconic Maillon, also take advantage of the Mailles collection that will make you shine all year round. This creation of Le Vent à la française is made with care in order to accompany you as long as possible. You will never be able to get tired of its simplicity of its cord and the elegance of its 10 micron silver-plated mesh.






Abysse - Contre-Courant Collection

The Abysse bracelet comes from the Contre Courant collection, a 100% eco-responsible collection. A beautiful cord made of midnight blue recycled fishing thread speckled with white is what characterizes this bracelet. His medal is made from plastic from marine pollution.





The final word

We look forward to starting this year by your side, and we hope that this will be the beginning of this long adventure for Le Vent à la Française. To find all of our bracelets, visit our website .