Un week-end au mont Saint Michel
Un week-end au mont Saint Michel

A weekend at Mont Saint Michel

The Vent team has traveled for you to the third most visited place in France, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

It is a mythical place for tourists, it ranks as one of the most visited after the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles . It brings together more than 2.5 million visitors annually.



The Wonder of the West


Any problem...


At first glance, what is Mont-Saint-Michel?
It is first of all a gigantic rock in Normandy, surrounded by water, endowed with a magnificent abbey built in the 11th century. It is also now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But risks have long threatened Mont-Saint-Michel. Indeed, to be able to accommodate all these tourists, a dyke which also serves as a road was built at the foot of the Mount. The major problem is that the dam has blocked the circulation of water all around the rock. In short, the sea therefore stopped carrying the sand away and little by little, the town found itself completely silted up. Since 1880, we can say that the place is no longer considered an island: the water no longer surrounds it in its entirety and the maritime fauna and flora are therefore threatened.

As if that were not enough, at the beginning of the 20th century, a huge car park was built at the foot of Mont-Saint-Michel, which greatly degraded the landscape, also, cars polluted the surroundings of the site a lot.


… has its solution


Today, we can restore its insularity to Mont Saint Michel. A dam has been in place to redirect tidal water directly to the Mount since 2009. In addition, motorists are no longer allowed to park at the foot of it.

Thanks to all the works, the Mount is slowly becoming an island with tides, since the water can again circulate freely all around. A few hours a day, during high tide, the Mount is again surrounded by water ...



Our brand at the visit of the rock


This place is of particular interest to us, so that's why we wanted to see it up close. He inspires us with the values ​​that we carry in our hearts. When territories are threatened, solidarity actions are possible to repair the damage caused by humans.

We wanted to share our adventure with you, and help you discover this magical place.


Outstanding Universal Value


If we were interested in this place, it's because it reminded us of the ethics of our brand...




This mountain has had a very turbulent history, in addition to the destruction of the front part of the church, but the integrity of the whole site and of the abbey is effective. The 19th century restorations were able to restore dignity to the various buildings and their emblematic appearance, in particular by the construction of the spire, which we all know, in 1897.

The values ​​of the site have been maintained, the maritime character of the Mount has been restored after human error.




The landscapes are maintained, restored, and renewed. The abbey testifies to the Christian past of this place, and the monastic presence remains ensured by a small community.




The protection of the site is done at the national level. The management of the site is entrusted to the Centre des Monuments nationaux, which does what is necessary to protect the place and its landscapes. In this way, the places are preserved with a master hand, to ensure the longevity of the ramparts, the streets, the gardens, the sea, and all that could be degraded by the tourist crowd.



Our products at the top of the mountain


We are proud to have been able to take our products to the top of Mont-Saint-Michel, a place full of value that inspires us. Between heaven and earth, the heights of the mountain remind us that it hugs the sky as our brand hugs the sea.

We are proud to have been able to bring these two antagonists together thanks to our collections of bracelets that smell of nature.

Our products share the same values ​​as this landscape, our responsible design also seeks to preserve the environment that surrounds it. Integrity, authenticity, and protection are principles that we try to carry out every day to make our products as reliable as possible. We are committed to fully satisfying our customers, while sharing our philosophy. Our Mount is also being built little by little thanks to you, and we like to discover places that translate into images what we want to convey through words.

Our selection of the day at the height of the most beautiful rock in France.



The Palme - Bois Collection


Le Palme bracelet, Bois Le Vent à la Française collection


The Palme, one of the most elegant in the eco-friendly collection.
A beautiful beige cord speckled with green associated with our famous wind rose medallion, available in wood from eco-managed forests. Our bracelets are designed to last a lifetime, which is why the cord is guaranteed for life.



Le Vent d'Argent Khaki - Argent Massif Collection


Bracelet Le Vent d'Argent Khaki 950 Silver collection Le Vent à la Française


Let yourself be tempted by our Le Vent d'Argent Kaki model. An elegant and shiny bracelet.
Its solid silver piece is made in fifteen steps in an exceptional French workshop then tied with a nylon cord guaranteed for life, for a model with the quality of 100% French know-how.
This bracelet is water resistant, it will accompany you in all your activities, regardless of the season. Its system of sliding knots makes it adjustable to the smallest and largest wrists.



The Olympe - Argent Vieilli Collection


Bracelet L'Olympe Aged Silver collection Le Vent à la Française


The Olympe, an elegant model to dress your wrist in a seductive red.
Its red cord, interspersed with white, is guaranteed for life and linked to an aged silver piece struck in an exceptional workshop for a bracelet of 100% French quality.
Like all our bracelets, it is water resistant, allowing you to wear it during all your activities. It is also adaptable to the smallest and largest wrists thanks to its two sliding knots.