Un bracelet fait pour durer à vie
Un bracelet fait pour durer à vie

A bracelet made to last for life

At Le Vent à la Française, it all started with a bracelet .

The observation was simple, fashion accessories and made in France were on the rise. So we worked on a product that fits in with the times: the bracelet. A bracelet often tends to be fragile, not resistant to water and sometimes gives allergies.


The bracelet: a timeless jewel


We wanted to create THE trendy bracelet that will follow you everywhere throughout your life. A bracelet so robust that it would last for years without needing to be changed. With a paracord tie that can withstand over 70 kilograms of tension.

What makes it unique is its nickel-free medal which will evolve over the months and your activities and which will acquire a patina over time.
Even better, its cord is guaranteed for life , which means it will never leave you.

You can shower, bathe, travel with it, in short, you can do absolutely anything you want with our wrist strap.
Our goal is to avoid renewing your bracelet, and entering a spiral of harmful overconsumption for your wallet and for our planet.

Our bet? To offer a unisex fancy bracelet, of high quality and 100% made in France .

It is by fulfilling this challenge that our flagship product was born. A simple and clean bracelet, designed to last a lifetime. We launched our first collection in December 2016.

A bracelet made to last for life - medal zoom - Le Vent à la Française


Made in France: unique quality


French know-how


Attached to our country, it was necessary for us to succeed in this bet by having the entire bracelet manufactured and assembled in France.

At Le Vent à la Française, our employees are very dear to us. We have established relationships of trust in order to control and ensure a thorough follow-up on the manufacture of our parts and our cords as well as on the assembly into a finished product. The manufacture of the bracelet takes place in 3 stages:

- coining and stamping of our coin ( find out more about the manufacture of our coins )

- the creation and weaving of an adjustable cord ( find out more about the manufacture of our cords )

- the assembly of materials at ESAT Pierre Doussinet (63) ( find out more about the assembly of our bracelets )


Manufacturing in France means ensuring quality and total transparency on the origin of the product and its manufacturing process.

Manufacturing in France is good, but you have to be able to give meaning to the product, and that's what we wanted to do by supporting the reintegration of people with disabilities since our creation. A workshop of 10 people works full time to manually assemble the bracelets. Each bracelet spends an average of 7 minutes in the hands of a worker to tie the cord to the piece, using double sliding knots.

In addition to ensuring unparalleled quality , hand assembly makes each bracelet unique.

Manufacturing in France also means reducing your carbon footprint . Indeed, all transport related to the manufacture of the finished product is reduced. We are proud to be able to claim that we work with collaborators who are located within a 130 km radius of our offices for the design of our bracelets. Reducing greenhouse gases means adopting a responsible working method.

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Argent vieilli, Argent 925°, Bois : exclusive collections


For all tastes


Our very first collection of aged silver bracelets for men and women launched the adventure of Le Vent à la Française. Selling more than 30,000 copies in the first year, our silver-coloured bracelets have followed you everywhere, on a trip, in the mountains, at the sea or even in the air.
Available in more than 30 colours, this collection remains our brand's most popular collection.


A bracelet made to last for life - For all tastes blueberry lychee - Le Vent à la Française



To support our offer and move upmarket, we have decided to release a capsule collection of Argent 925° bracelets . A solid silver piece adorned with the same wind rose, with a 925 hallmark certifying the concentration of the silver material (925 grams of pure silver for 1 kilogram). This collection includes 11 sober , prestigious and elegant models that will accompany you wherever you go.

Like any silver bracelet, you can maintain it so that the medallion keeps its shine or let it acquire a patina over time to obtain a more matte appearance.

Find this model in jewelry .

In perpetual search for novelty, and always in the quest for meaning to give to our products, we have launched a collection of 100% eco-responsible and original wooden bracelets . A recycled polyester cord, a beech wood medallion from sustainably managed forests , forming an environmentally friendly bracelet. A unique piece, assembled with a recycled cord, makes this bracelet the most eco-responsible in our collection.

We aim in the coming months to be able to assemble all our medals with recycled polyester cord, for an ever more responsible product, for all budgets.

Buying or giving a Le Vent à la Française bracelet means making sure you have a quality bracelet on your wrists, which fights against overconsumption and which respects the environment.

Finally, whether the piece is in 925 Silver, aged silver or wood, our only goal is that your bracelet is designed to last for life.


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Our bracelets have already traveled the world! Let's keep them traveling .