"Stay in motion" with the Circle Collection, here are 3 reasons to adopt it

Le Vent à la Française is a brand of ethical bracelets 100% made in France thanks to local partners. The Rose of the Winds was our first symbol. It has erected values ​​that guide our missions every day: Craftsmanship, Travel, Materials, Earth. Our creations are present on our online store, and in nearly a thousand points of sale.

The jewel is offered, the values ​​are shared. We have combined these two essences to form one, Le Vent à la Française.

We are delighted to present our latest collection of bracelets, the Cercle collection . This collection is the modern and elegant interpretation of the iconic circle design, with a touch of contemporary sophistication.

In this collection, we have used the symbolism of the circle to create jewelry that reminds the wearer to keep moving, to keep moving forward in harmony.

This new collection consists of a range of 10 micron silver-plated bracelets as well as cords available in different colors and patterns.




3 reasons to fall for the Cercle Collection

The circle is a common symbol in jewelry that represents friendship, eternity, continuity and infinity. As a geometric shape with no end or beginning, the circle is considered a powerful symbol of unity and harmony.

In jewelry, the circle can be represented in the form of earrings, pendants, rings and other types of jewelry.

Le Vent à la Française uses this symbol for its new collection of bracelets.


A new design

The circle is a new design that we offer for sale today, a real novelty for Le Vent à la Française.

This is the way to diversify our offer to meet the varied needs and tastes of our customers.

Fashion trends change quickly and it is important to keep up with these trends so that you can always be on the cutting edge of fashion.
The simple and clean design of the circle bracelets is considered elegant and above all, timeless.

It's a great choice to complement any outfit. The circle is very easy to combine with other jewelry.


Quality materials

The bracelets in this collection are designed with a high quality material, 10 micron silver plated. Each piece is finely crafted to create a unique and timeless look that will suit any occasion.

Silver plating involves coating a metal base, usually brass, with a thin layer of silver. This makes it possible to create an aesthetic effect close to that of solid silver, while reducing the cost. Silver plated is an affordable alternative for those looking to have silver jewelry without having to pay the high price of solid silver.

10 micron silver plating is a commonly used method in the jewelry industry. It is a silver coating 10 microns thick. Microns, also called micrometers, are a unit of measurement for thickness. A micron is one thousandth of a millimetre. Thus, a silver plating of 10 microns means that the silver layer on the jewel has a thickness of 0.01 mm.

This plating method provides a thicker layer of silver than other common methods, such as 5 micron plating. Micron plating is more resistant to wear and fading, helping to extend the life of the jewelry.


A unique collection

The circle bracelet is a very popular choice for many people because of the symbolism of this shape and its deep meaning.
The circle is a symbol of infinity and eternity. It can represent love, friendship, connection or even perfection. By wearing a circle bracelet, you can remind yourself of these important concepts and strengthen your relationships with others.

Beyond others, the circle also has great significance for yourself. The circle is also considered a symbol of protection and good fortune. By wearing this circle bracelet, you can feel protected from negative energies. You can attract luck and opportunities.

In this collection, Le Vent à la Française wishes to accompany you in a perpetual movement, throughout your life. The circle is considered a symbol of continuous movement and endless cycle. By wearing our Circle collection, you can be inspired to keep moving in your life.

The circle is the symbol of continuity. It can remind you that life is an endless cycle and it is important to keep moving in order to evolve and grow. It can also represent balance and harmony. By staying in motion and keeping moving forward, you can maintain a healthy life balance.

Finally, the circle can also represent perfection and completeness. By staying in motion, you can work towards your goals and achieve a sense of wholeness and satisfaction in your life.


Our selection




This bracelet is ideal for men, but also for women, because its piece is at the same time discreet, elegant and timeless. One of our favourites, the Harmonie bracelet with a beige cord braided in white.


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The perfect bracelet for all seasons, and for all your outfits. Its dark cord speckled with white and red and its level of finish reflects the know-how of its manufacture. A high-end creation in 10 micron silver plated, which will leave no one indifferent.


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The purity of this bracelet is found in its beige cord braided in white, but also in its handcrafting, in French workshops recognized for their know-how.


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A 10 micron silver-plated circle, linked to a cord guaranteed for life, this bracelet will accompany you in all your adventures. We love its blue pattern braided with white, ideal for sunny days.


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The final word



Our new Circle collection therefore has a strong symbolism, and will accompany you in all the trials of your life. It is the powerful symbol that inspires you to keep moving in your life and keep moving towards your goals. We hope that this collection will seduce you. To discover all the models, it's here .