Rentrée scolaire éthique : comment faire des choix responsables ?
Rentrée scolaire éthique : comment faire des choix responsables ?

Ethical back to school: how to make responsible choices?

The start of the school year is an opportunity to prepare our children for a new year of learning. But did you know that you can also make ethical and responsible choices when making your back-to-school purchases? By opting for supplies and products that respect the environment and social standards, you can support an ethical return to school. In this article, we will give you some tips for making responsible choices during your back-to-school purchases.




Sustainable and recycled supplies


When purchasing school supplies, choose sustainable and recycled products. Opt for notebooks, pens, pencils and binders made from recycled materials. Look for labels and certifications that ensure products are environmentally friendly, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label for sustainably sourced paper. Choose quality products that last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacement.




Sustainable backpacks and satchels


Backpacks and school bags are back-to-school essentials. Opt for bags made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or recycled fibers. Make sure the bags are well constructed and durable to withstand daily use. Also look for brands that support social or environmental initiatives, like fair trade production or donation programs for children in need.




Reusable meal items


For school meals, encourage the use of reusable items rather than disposable ones. Opt for stainless steel or glass lunch boxes, stainless steel water bottles and reusable cutlery. This helps reduce plastic waste and promote healthy eating. By choosing durable materials, you can also ensure that items will hold up to daily use.




Used books


For school and reading books, consider buying used books. Used books are economical, reduce the demand for new printing and contribute to the reuse of existing resources. You can find used books at used bookstores, libraries, or online. This can be an opportunity to teach your children the importance of sustainability and reuse.




Ethical clothing


When purchasing clothing for school, consider choosing brands that practice ethical and sustainable production. Look for clothing made from natural, organic, or recycled fibers. Check for certifications such as the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label to ensure clothing is manufactured to high social and environmental standards. Also favor brands that guarantee fair and safe working conditions for workers.



Le Vent à la Française bracelets


For the start of the school year, you can be sure to make a responsible choice by choosing the bracelets from Le Vent à la Française. Here is an ideal selection to choose the perfect bracelet for your back to school.




Nordé - Argent Vieilli

A creation that comes from our brand's iconic collection, the Argent Aged collection. It combines a high quality cord and a medal resistant to the tests of life. Its level of detail and finish reflects unrivaled French know-how.



Dolios - Noir Asphalte


A 100% French-made model, composed of a black piece linked to a cord guaranteed for life that you can adjust to all wrists thanks to a system of sliding knots. The Noir Asphalte Collection is known to be one of the most elegant and mysterious, ideal for men.


Bôme - Maillon 22 mm

This bracelet is one of the most elegant and timeless in the collection. The fineness of the medal and the sober color of the cord, which is ultra-resistant, make it an elegant and light piece of jewelry. Like all of our bracelets, its manufacturing is 100% French, and its cord is guaranteed for life.



Constant - Cercle

A 10 micron silver plated circle, linked to a cord guaranteed for life, this bracelet will accompany you on all your adventures. We love its navy blue color speckled with white.





The final word


The start of the school year offers an opportunity to make responsible and ethical choices. By opting for sustainable and recycled supplies, ethical backpacks and clothing, reusable lunch items and second-hand books, you can support an ethical and environmentally conscious return to school. Involve your children in these decisions and explain to them the importance of taking care of our planet. Together we can encourage a sustainable and responsible lifestyle from the start of the school year.