Quel bracelet choisir pour la fête des pères ?
Quel bracelet choisir pour la fête des pères ?

Which bracelet to choose for Father's Day?

Every year in many countries around the world, we celebrate Father's Day to honor these men who hold a special place in our lives. Father's Day is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the role of fathers in our lives. Father's Day is a time to recognize and appreciate the role of fathers. It's a day where we can express our love, gratitude and appreciation for these everyday heroes.


Celebrate Father's Day

Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to show our fathers how important they are to us. Here are some ideas to celebrate this special day:


Quality time together

Spend time with your dad doing something he enjoys. Whether it's a round of golf, a walk in nature, a family meal, or just a heartfelt conversation, make time for your dad to show him that you appreciate his presence.


Write a letter or card

Take the time to write a heartfelt letter or card to express your feelings to your father. Share the treasured memories you have together and why you're grateful to have a father like him.


Give a meaningful gift



Give your dad a gift that reflects your love and appreciation. It could be a personalized gift, like a photo album filled with treasured memories, a book he loves, or a special experience he'll enjoy.


Offer Le Vent à la Française

Giving an ethical gift means giving a gift that has been manufactured according to high ethical, social and environmental standards. This can include products that are made in a fair and environmentally friendly way, products that respect workers' rights, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.


French quality and craftsmanship

Le Vent à la Française highlights French quality and manufacturing. The bracelets are made in France with high quality materials, making them a durable and high value gift.


An elegant and timeless style



Le Vent à la Française bracelets are designed with an elegant and timeless style. They come in a variety of designs, colors and patterns, providing an option to suit your dad's personal taste.

Our selection for your father


Dérive - Maillon 22 mm

Go adrift with this magnificent bracelet with pink nuances. The softness of its color and the quality of its 22 mm Maillon piece offer a bracelet that brings together all the codes of jewelry. Its 100% French manufacture assures you that this bracelet will accompany you all your life.



Toile - Maillon 22 mm

This bracelet is one of the most elegant and timeless in the collection. The thinness of the medal and the sober color of the cord which is ultra resistant, make it an elegant and light jewel. Like all of our bracelets, its manufacture is 100% French, and its cord is guaranteed for life.



Libeccio - Argent Vieilli 



This bracelet is entirely made in France and is part of the brand's iconic collection, the Aged Silver finish. It combines a high quality cord and a medal resistant to the trials of life.

A blue cord speckled with red and white, and a medal that will age over time to follow you throughout your life.


Arès - Noir Asphalte

A 100% French-made model, consisting of a black piece tied to a cord guaranteed for life that you can adjust to all wrists thanks to its two sliding knots. The Noir Asphalte collection is one of our most elegant collections. A gift for an ideal man, even if all our bracelets remain unisex.



Rio - Argent 950 

The Rio bracelet comes from our most prestigious collection. A neon orange recycled polyester cord linked to a 950 silver piece, which corresponds to the highest grammage of silver in a jewel. Its flashy cord lets the shine of the room stand out even more. Like all our bracelets, the cord is guaranteed for life.



The final word

Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to show our fathers how important they are to us. Giving a gift remains the surest way to please for sure, and for the choice of this gift, what better than a design and timeless bracelet made in France.