Pourquoi aimons- nous l’application Choose ?
Pourquoi aimons- nous l’application Choose ?

Why do we love the Choose app?

The app story



Timothée, Thibault and Vincent are 3 childhood friends who have always wanted to get involved in a meaningful project.

It was after the closure of Colette in 2017 that they set out to build an experience as striking as this one. Their goal was therefore to discover incredible brands and stories.

This is when Choose was born, which they thought up and designed for their generation: simple, human, with exceptional service.

Today and every day, Choose challenges itself to highlight beautiful brands, which have meaning, values, and which reflect on the world of tomorrow.

An innovative concept….

It's a real Ali Baba's cave that the 3 friends have built. The concept is simple: the company presents itself as an application and an online event sales platform. The app offers targeted sales to “make cool accessible to as many people as possible.”

The brands chosen are completely distinct from each other, they are absolutely not alike. Their only common point: shared values.
You can find on this platform, fashion, food, lifestyle, decoration, utensils, crockery, toys... the field of possibilities is largely exceeded.

“At Choose, we want to bring together strollers, enthusiasts, those who let their desires speak, those who like to leave with what they did not come for”





….and full of value

What was at the heart of our 3 founders were ethics and eco-responsibility. This app helps us with responsible consumption. This is what we like at Choose, we know that we will never be disappointed by the choice of a brand, which is selected for its quality, its aesthetics and the values ​​of its creator(s).
Consulting new offers every day becomes a routine.


One of our sources of inspiration

Why do we use it?


Choose is like the best app for discoveries addressed to the new generation. It allows you to discover products, brands, or designers in a concept store atmosphere. Their promise: the pleasure of surprising us.

So that's why we like to work with the help of this application. We use it daily to discover new brands that are also making their mark in the world of responsibility.

The team of this company gives us the impression of sharing an infinity of points in common. A curious, dynamic, enthusiastic team that is not afraid to take risks and initiatives.



Brands present on the app



The company's values ​​are reflected in the brands it chooses to represent on its platform. All the brands that we discover on Choose are full of common sense and good will. Sometimes made in France, often sustainable, which uses recycled materials, which are certified and/or labeled.

“All our brands have great stories to tell"

The brands selected are for the whole with a positive impact.
It's a bit like a private sale of brands that make sense.

For each brand presented on the application, the values ​​that resemble the brand are directly identified in small icons; made in france, premium, upcycling, handmade, natural, perfect gift, organic… With an ethical and eco-responsible positioning, Choose offers these premium brands. The company honors creations made from recycled, natural or handmade materials, in order to offer products that make sense. Choose is the "showroomprive" of independent shops with ethical and ecological values.

Its principle of use is simple, you just have to scroll through the brands, when one seems to you to be the right one, you click on it. Immediately, you will know what are the values ​​of this one, in how long the brand will disappear from the site, and you will have a link to be switched directly to the instagram of the sign.

You will be able to briefly read the history of the brand in several points, then discover the articles in promotions which are available.


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