Notre première collection éco-responsable
Notre première collection éco-responsable

Our first eco-responsible collection

It's an idea that has been driving us for some time: launching our collection of eco-responsible bracelets. After several months of development, 8 new wooden bracelets have joined the aged silver and solid silver collections.


A 100% eco-friendly bracelet


A real will


It is our duty as a responsible company to try to shake things up and minimize our impact on our planet. We therefore wanted to create a bracelet that respects the environment and the universe of our brand, a 100% eco-friendly bracelet .


L'Erable bracelet from the Bois Le Vent à la Française collection


This new collection of 8 wooden bracelets made in France consists of a wooden piece designed in Auvergne and produced in an ESAT in Occitanie . The raw material for these medals comes from beech wood from sustainably managed forests .


Our first eco-responsible collection - manufacturing steps of our wooden bracelets - Le Vent à la Française
Steps of making wooden bracelets



With a view to developing a fully eco-responsible bracelet, we worked hand in hand with our partner Gauthier Fils on the development of a recycled polyester rope.


Two main goals: traceability and transparency


Two important aspects


Transparency is a key value for a company like ours , committed to professional reintegration and the rehabilitation of French know-how . As a consumer, it is legitimate to ask questions about the origin of products and their manufacture. This is why we want to be completely transparent about the traceability of our products .

These, like our t-shirts, are part of an increasingly eco-friendly approach: part of our textiles are made of organic cotton and recycled old clothing . The recycling of materials has become much more accessible and makes it possible to offer collections for everyone in the spirit of our brand.

The fashion sector is one of the most polluting in the world, so we cannot say that we are irreproachable, but we are making efforts to reduce our ecological impact by offering collections that are increasingly respectful of the environment.

Our first eco-responsible collection - Triangle of French Wind values ​​- Le Vent à la Française
Triangle of French Wind Values

A real social approach


And human


Like our other bracelets, the wood collection is entirely assembled in an ESAT in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes . Louis and Charles, the co-founders of the brand, were already helping an ESAT when they were at their former rugby club. It is therefore quite natural that they made the choice to work with people with disabilities to promote their reintegration.

This social approach , in the same way as our two donation campaigns with the SNSM and the Ligue Handisport AURA , is a real pillar for our brand and all of our employees.


We are therefore proud to present a collection of 8 eco-responsible bracelets made in a traceable social approach that is close to our hearts: the maintenance of French jobs and the professional reintegration of people with disabilities.


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