Notre guide du bracelet
Notre guide du bracelet

Our bracelet guide

Since our beginnings the bracelet has been at the center of our interest. We are committed to developing our collections while meeting your desires and the environmental and quality constraints that arise.

To date, we offer six different collections made in France,  Argent VieilliNoir AsphalteBoisPlaqué Argent, and Argent Massif. Soon, you will be able to discover a new one, which is perfect for the summer.

Through this article you will discover all our technical tips for wearing your bracelet the right way and for maintaining it so that it lasts over time.

More and more of you are falling for our bracelets, but some of you don't know how to adjust it, we tell you everything.


How to adjust your bracelet?


It is very simple !


Our bracelets are adjusted using two sliding knots. We advise you to get help from another person if you are not used to it, however it is possible to adjust it alone.

Simply pull on one of the two strings and slide the knot, pinching it with your fingers, until the fit is right for you.

We make our wristbands to fit as many wrist sizes as possible. To give you an idea, they can be adjusted to the wrist of a child of about 7 years old up to that of a person with a robust wrist.


The bracelet guide - how to adjust your bracelet - Le Vent à la Française



How to maintain your bracelet?


Our favorite techniques


Our collections of bracelets are resistant to water and time, and do not require special maintenance. However, we have a few techniques to entrust to you so that your bracelet stays on your wrist for many years.

In a very spaced out way, you can soap your bracelet in order to eliminate the impurities which can be anchored in the medallion or in the cord.
Carry out this washing in a delicate way so as not to brush the medal and the cord excessively at the risk of damaging them.

The bracelets of the Argent Massif and Plaqué Argent collections can be maintained differently. Indeed, several techniques exist to clean silver jewelry. We recommend doing this about once a year.

For example, you can gently brush your piece with toothpaste, or with a mixture of baking soda and warm water.

After cleaning, remember to dry your bracelet thoroughly.

To learn more about our Argent Massif collection, it's this way !


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Also, if the cord of your bracelet gives way or is too worn, we guarantee the replacement of it. To do this, simply write to us on and we will take care of responding to your request.