Notre engouement pour les concept stores
Notre engouement pour les concept stores

Our enthusiasm for concept stores

We are very invested in the design of our products and the development of our company in order to offer you an experience that is part of an ethical, responsible and ecological approach.

The Vent team is bursting with energy and not lacking in innovative ideas. If the sweet dream of creating our own physical business in the name of le Vent à la Française remains present in the back of our minds, we wish, for the moment, to invest ourselves fully in the design of our products and the identity of our brand.

However, we feel the need to be closer to our consumers. We have established a relationship of trust with you, especially on the networks, but we also want to offer our products outside the web. We believe that the close bond we have forged with you is a privilege and that we must do everything to keep it. One of the ways to preserve and strengthen it is through sales to physical stores.

More than 200 employees give us the pleasure of displaying our products so that you can meet le Vent à la Française physically. A few of them are concept stores. We appreciate the quality of their signs and the originality of the places. Very invested in their proposal for an original and user-friendly store, we wanted to devote a few words to this new ideology of “physical trade” and to share with you our enthusiasm for concept stores.


What is a concept store


First of all, let's do the introductions. A concept store is an innovative and creative business that offers a new customer experience. These concepts were born out of a desire to build a different, richer, closer and more sincere customer relationship, in particular through an innovative sales experience.


Concept Store


E-commerce in figures


The digital world has formatted the sales experience of Internet users and the traditional purchasing model.

Between 2009 and 2019, online orders skyrocketed. 70% of French people aged 30 to 44 have placed an order online (source Insee).

According to the Alioze site, which uses data from the e-commerce and distance selling federation , last year more than 85% of French Internet users bought on the Internet. They make an average of 33 purchases per year.

However, French people are still very attached to shopping in the city. Ladépêche also mentions it in one of its forums. Shopping is a moment shared between friends. We have a good time, we discover new trends, we chat over a coffee, in short… we take advantage of the moment.

Although the Internet meets many challenges, it alone cannot meet this need for such precious social ties and a sales experience as rich as traditional shopping.

The challenge for concept stores is to succeed in filling this gap. The idea is to get closer to the consumer and create a bridge between the digital and the physical. This is called phygital (physical and digital), a concept born in 2013. The technique of marketing and digital commerce merge with those of physical commerce.


Our enthusiasm for concept stores - concept stores - Le Vent à la Française



The concept store, a state of mind that we love


The concept store is a physical sign that brings together several activities in the same place. It can offer the sale of clothing or catering through workshops and the barber shop. It then becomes a “living space” marked by a true identity.

This type of concept is based on three main pillars:


  • A sharp selection of products


What sets a concept store apart from a traditional retail store is consistency. The merchant studied his concept around a particular theme (made in France, ecological clothing, eco-responsible fashion accessories, etc.). He then makes sure to choose the products that coincide with the state of mind of his brand.


  • Design the space into a living and unique place


To federate its customers and offer a great sales experience to its customers, the manager of a concept store offers several parallel activities that revolve around the theme of the store. A brasserie or a restaurant, hairdressers, workshops, openings, concerts, events (nocturnes, aperitifs, meetings of creators, etc.) enhance the daily life of the shop and its customers.


  • Propose a new mode of consumption


In concept stores, we return to “purchasing pleasure”. We stroll, we discover and we fall in love. We love because we adhere to the state of mind, we are seduced by the very identity of the brand and the products offered.

This type of business then becomes a sort of art gallery where the works of creators are exhibited. The products come to life and the boutique then becomes a showcase for original designers who innovate by setting themselves apart through the quality of their work.


The Vent team charmed by the concept store


The very identity of our company is based on human contact, the local economy, the quality and authenticity of French craftsmanship.

In our partner concept stores, we find everything that drives us in one place. It is in line with our values ​​and our vision of commerce. We take the time to build a close relationship with the client and build our own corporate identity. Our distributors convey our values ​​through the state of mind of the place and their way of conceiving the trade.


A word about one of our partner concept stores


Madame Bavarde is a concept store as we like them: trendy, elegant and friendly.

A professional team takes care of you... and with a smile. In a warmly offbeat place, the brand invites you to put down your suitcases for a trip.

Professional hairdressers and barbers, juice bar, small library corner and fashion boutique open their doors to you. Decorated with taste, it is a place where you feel good and where you can take advantage of the wise advice of the sellers.

Vegetable colorings, homemade juice recipes and a line of clothing/accessories that highlight a unique know-how, Le Vent à la Française is under the spell.

Madame Bavarde conveys values ​​that are dear to us and allows us to promote our approach to our customers.


Concept Store