Notre collaboration avec la Ligue Handisport AuRA
Notre collaboration avec la Ligue Handisport AuRA

Our collaboration with the AuRA Handisport League

The AuRa Handisport League was created in 1966 with the aim of making sport accessible to as many people as possible. Beyond disability, the league brings together athletes aiming for performance or leisure in a collegial and stimulating spirit.

At Le Vent à la Française, it is the values ​​of rugby in particular that have led us to support the Handisport League. We strongly believe in mutual aid, respect and the determination to always go further.

Thanks to the Ligue Handisport Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, thousands of people can flourish in the practice of sport through training, competitions but also events and training.


Handisport athletics


The origins of the Paralympic Games


Shortly after the Second World War, former airmen of the Royal Air Force, injured in combat and become paraplegic, were being rehabilitated at Stoke Mandeville hospital near London.

In order to distract them a little and to encourage them to practice physical activity, the Director Ludwig GUTTMAN, neurosurgeon of the establishment, had the idea of ​​setting up sports games for them, basketball and archery. bow among others.

And as the Olympic Games took place in London in 1948, he decided to organize in his center the first sports meeting for the disabled in wheelchairs, the same day: the Paralympic Games were born.


Disabled Sports League


What types of sports are practiced?


No less than 50 recreational and competitive sports are practiced by 3,500 members in 160 disabled sports clubs.

Among the activities represented are, for example, athletics, wheelchair basketball, tennis or blind football.


Focus on one sport, blind football


It is an adaptation of football on a handball field surrounded by often inflatable barriers. A match is played 5v5, all visually impaired players wear a mask to balance the degree of disability. Goalkeepers, on the other hand, are perfectly sighted for reasons of speed, reaction and precision.




The French team won the European Championships in 2009 and 2011 and won the silver medal at the Paralympic Games in 2012.

Yvan Wouandji is one of the best players in the discipline in France, he is also an ambassador for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.


There is something for every taste


Many sports are available for practice and adapted to different disabilities. In parallel with blind football, many variants exist such as poorly walking football, deaf football and electric wheelchair football. There is also para badminton, wheelchair rugby, sledge hockey, sitting volleyball and many others.


Major events


An unmissable event that brings together the best athletes from around the world: the Olympic Games and their Paralympic version.

The next organized games will be held in Tokyo this year in 2020.

Many championships are organized in France in each discipline and allow all members to measure their level on a national scale.

The whole French Wind team wishes the best to our national team for the next Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


Go beyond sport


The AuRa Handisport League contributes to solidarity between all athletes, able-bodied and disabled. It allows people with disabilities to meet and meet through a sporting activity.

By developing their physical abilities, the practitioner improves their health and gains autonomy.

It is an essential vector towards self-realization, through physical performance, or through the support provided to the organization by supervising or arbitrating events, for example.




Our approach, in collaboration with the Ligue Handisport AuRA


The mission of the AuRa League joins the values ​​of Le Vent à la Française and it is with pleasure that we have set up a donation platform on our website.

This approach is a logical continuation of our partnership with the ESAT Pierre-Doussinet and the ITHAC of Riorges, which employ people with disabilities and produce the vast majority of our clothing and accessories.

Find out more about our CSR approach >

We are counting on you to share our support for this wonderful organization.

And remember, alone we go faster, together we go further!