Nos conseils avisés pour bien porter un bracelet
Nos conseils avisés pour bien porter un bracelet

Our expert advice for wearing a bracelet properly

Among all the existing jewelry, the timeless accessory for both women and men remains the bracelet. Very trendy, this jewel is to be favored when you want to bring a touch of authenticity and additional character to the outfit you wear.

It's hard to find your way around all these ways of wearing your bracelet. Too much or simply not enough, in silver or rather gold, durable or fancy, the options are numerous, but yet you have to decide and choose the right combination.

It must be said, there are no real rules to follow when wearing a bracelet, but the important thing is to give free rein to your own tastes and common sense, because then you will not be able to to deceive you.

Knowing how to distinguish the different trends in how to wear your bracelet is the key to success. So to become an expert in the matter, there is nothing better than a few tips to remove lingering doubts, in order to optimize the styling of your favorite bracelets.


To each their own bracelet size


Rather imposing or discreet?


For a bracelet to stand out perfectly, it must be able to naturally match your morphology and your style. For this, when you are considering the purchase of a bracelet, we advise you to pay particular attention to the size of your wrist.

The main thing here is to take an interest in the width of the bracelet and the medal affixed to it, so that the whole does not dominate the size of your wrist and that the result can be harmonious.

For example, if your wrist is thin in nature, do not favor large models with large jewelry. Instead, favor light and thin bracelets, which will highlight the delicacy of your wrist.

A little trick to determine the size of your wrist precisely, is to go around by passing your thumb and index finger around it. If your two fingers touch, your wrist is quite thin and conversely, if they do not touch, it is rather wide.


Wearing a bracelet: the choice of the wrist


Right or left ?


Everyone is free to wear the bracelet they like and there is nothing better than successfully combining it with a pretty watch for more elegance. For the success of this alliance, the key is to stay in the spirit of the watch without opting for an identical style in order to avoid any lack of taste.

Thus, you have the choice between the left wrist and the right since there is no associated meaning. However, it all depends on whether or not you want to match your watch to your strap. However, if you wear a bracelet on the arm that works the least, you will be less likely to damage it in the long term. So you have the choice between aesthetics and practicality.

If the question of balance between your two wrists remains, there is no problem, since you can also decide to wear your bracelets on the wrist opposite the watch. Moreover, if you are used to wearing substantial, fairly large watches, we recommend this alternative, at the risk of visually depreciating the association of the two jewels.


Choose a bracelet in gold or silver tones


First, to match a bracelet to your skin tone, you must already avoid mixing textures, materials and colors excessively. It helps to know how to tell if gold or silver looks best on your complexion and for that you have to look at the color of your veins on your wrist. And yes, amazing isn't it!

For people with veins that tend towards green, the undertone is warm and so gold will look best on your complexion. From this, the bracelets from the Gold Plated range or the Bois range will adapt perfectly to your complexion, since the colors are warm and natural.


Black Gold Plated Bracelet



While for the veins that pull towards purple, the undertone is rather cold, and it will be for the silver that it will be necessary to opt. For this type of skin, what could be better than the bracelets from the Plaqué Argent range or the Argent Vieilli range , to be in total harmony with the undertones of your complexion.

And if it is impossible for you to dissociate the two colors, the undertone is then neutral, and you are lucky to be able to choose according to your convenience. It's up to you to test all the possible combinations!


The trend of stacking: Combining several bracelets


Know how to match your bracelets


Have you heard of the latest stacking trend? This is based on playing on accumulation, in terms of jewelry. But beware, to optimize this practice, you must take care that all the jewelry on your wrists is aesthetic and elegant.

To achieve this harmony, it is enough to favor small pieces and thin bracelets so as not to overload your wrist. Fashion is all about innovation so dare the color variations, for more originality and dynamism.

It's up to you to choose the assortment of bracelets that you like and above all that suits you, so that it can perfectly represent your personality. And don't worry, if you prefer minimalism, there is not only the option of putting on several bracelets to perfect your style!

We hope that these few tips will help you choose the appropriate bracelet!


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