Nos bracelets en Argent 925°
Nos bracelets en Argent 925°

Our 925° Silver bracelets

Do you know the history of the bracelet?


Appeared about 2.5 million years ago, today it is an essential fashion accessory.

Contrary to what many think, it was not born for purely aesthetic reasons . At the time, it was used for the purpose of identifying an individual's social status and religion. It was only from the 1970s that the bracelet became the essential accessory for asserting one's style, adorned with details and charms of all kinds.

As you can imagine, trends have evolved… although! The very first bracelets were made from horns, stones, leather, or even tree bark, 100% natural! ( Almost like us ).

Today, the bracelet does not only have the role of dressing up an outfit. At Le Vent à la Française, our bracelets, in addition to bringing character to your outfits, have a certain symbolism. They allow you to live new adventures and create your own memories.


Our engagement


As you know, our main commitment is to support French know-how.

Manufacturing in France means committing to a responsible approach aimed at having a positive impact on what surrounds us : contributing to safeguarding employment in the country, promoting short circuits, and therefore reducing the ecological impact. some products.

Manufacturing in France is also an important guarantee of quality. Whether it's the medals for our bracelets or the ropes, everything is produced in EPVs (Living Heritage Companies), companies recognized for the excellence of their know-how.

And it is thanks to this quality of production that we have imagined a precious accessory, with guaranteed durability and a unique design.


The Argent 925° bracelet


In order to expand our range of bracelets, we have decided to launch the Argent 925° collection .

Silver bracelets are always stamped with a wind rose mounted on an ultra-resistant cord. Once again, we trust Gauthier Fils for the production of our cords , which are guaranteed for life. Thanks to their system of sliding knots, the bracelets in this collection adapt to all wrist sizes.

Our bracelets will go perfectly with all your outfits and will make the difference with their elegance and character.

With now 15 models, we offer you a variety of colors, textures and cord thicknesses. You will undoubtedly find the bracelet that suits you. Your bracelet will age with you, over time the medal will acquire a patina and will obtain a unique shade created throughout your adventures.

As you will have understood, our silver bracelets are tireless!

Our Vent d'Argent are made for you and your loved ones. Delivered in a black box, it is the ideal gift to offer.



Our 925 silver bracelets - Le Vent d'Argent Cyclone and its black case - Le Vent à la Française
The Vent d'Argent Cyclone and its black case


Argent 925°, what is it?


With fifteen manufacturing steps, several days of work are required to produce our Sterling Silver medallions. The French workshop with which we work has unique know-how and unrivaled mastery of the process.

925° Silver (or Sterling Silver) is 92.5% pure silver, and the remaining 7.5% is other metals, such as copper . Pure silver is a difficult material to work with, because it is soft and tender. This is why the professionals with whom we work add other metals, in order to bring more robustness to our medals.

All models in the Argent 925° collection are marked with the diamond-shaped hallmark, to ensure the authenticity of the material. Also, solid silver is a real guarantee of quality, since it is resistant and keeps its shine for several years.

If you are looking for an accessory resistant to all your adventures, then our Argent 925° bracelets are made for you.

Some tips to maintain your silver bracelet

Sterling Silver is easy to maintain and does not require special care. However, we give you some tips so that it preserves all its shine.

- Plan for cleaning about once a year

- Use toothpaste and a little water, brush gently and dry!

- Prepare a mixture of baking soda and warm water, apply it to your piece, rub, rinse, and dry!


What future for the Argent 925° collection?


Soon, the family of our silver bracelets will grow. We will keep the surprise until the release of the new models, however we assure you that the new collection will be chic and unique!


Your favorite models:



The Vent d’Argent Cyclone

Its navy blue cord flecked with blue, white and red brings a touch of elegance to all your outfits. We recommend pairing it with our pair of Les Flotteuses socks!

Cyclone Silver Wind Bracelet

The Vent d'Argent Cyclone - See the product


The Vent d’Argent Marin

It is your favorite bracelet in aged silver, but also in solid silver. The sobriety of its navy blue cord speckled with white adapts to all styles. For example, you can wear it with dark jeans and a sober shirt, or with a burgundy sweatshirt and beige chinos.

Bracelet Le Vent d'Argent Sailor

The Vent d'Argent Marin - See the product


The Vent d’Argent d’Aubier

With its pure and discreet colors, the Aubier is as well highlighted on a male wrist as on a female one. The elegance of the two-tone cord blends perfectly with the shine of the 925° Silver medallion. Worn with a summer colored dress, or even with a beige suit, it will have its effect!

Bracelet Le Vent d'Argent d'Aubier

The Vent d'Argent d'Aubier - See the product