Nos 5 bracelets incontournables pour l'été
Nos 5 bracelets incontournables pour l'été

Our 5 must-have bracelets for summer

A symbol of holidays and memories




When people go on vacation, they are often looking to bring back a souvenir that reflects the place they visited. Wristbands, whether purchased locally or made locally with region-specific materials and designs, can serve as a tangible reminder of the travel experience. Each time the person wears the bracelet, he recalls the memories and the pleasant moments spent on vacation.

Vacations are often associated with relaxation, free time and getting away from it all. Bracelets are simple, casual accessories that evoke a laid-back vibe. Wearing them can bring back the moments of relaxation and leisure experienced during the holidays, whether it is lounging on the beach, shopping in bustling markets or enjoying outdoor activities.

Bracelets can also become symbols of emotional attachment to special people or special times. For example, a bracelet given by a loved one during the holidays can represent a strong emotional bond. Additionally, if a person wears a bracelet given to them while traveling with friends or family, it can evoke shared memories and strengthen the bonds between those involved.




Le Vent à la Française accompanies you


Le Vent à la Française offers bracelets made entirely in France and made to last. The Rose of the Winds was our first symbol. Our values ​​are guided by four cardinal points: Craftsmanship, Travel, Matter, Earth.


Today, the brand sails on the high seas around the bracelet and its French manufacture. Reflecting our values, our creations tell stories, unite and move.


At the rhythm of your life, our bracelets acquire a patina over time, and bear the marks of your history.




Our 5 must-have bracelets



Cape - Maillon 16 mm


Fuchsia pink is making a comeback in fashion magazines. This bright and colorful color is perfect to adopt, to leave no one indifferent. This bracelet, like all the others, is entirely made in France.



Mouvant - Cercle 


“Stay in motion” with the Cercle Collection. In this collection, we have used the symbolism of the circle to create jewelry that reminds the wearer to keep moving, to keep moving forward in harmony. For summer choose the Mouvant bracelet, a sky blue speckled with white.




Hauban - Maillon 22 mm

This elegant bracelet from the Maillon 22 mm flat cord Collection is very comfortable to wear.
Its plain colored cord will be easy to associate, and will offer you the possibility of juxtaposing it with other bracelets. The cord of this bracelet, like all the others of the Le Vent à la Française brand, is adjustable thanks to a system of sliding knots.




Embrun - Contre-Courant


The Embrun, a beautiful cord made of recycled fishing line in Barbeau blue speckled with white. It is a 100% eco-responsible bracelet, made from recycled plastic and fishing line that adapts to your wrist, thanks to its sliding knots. The cord of your bracelet is guaranteed for life, for your greatest happiness and that of the planet.




Auva - Solaire Plaqué Or Rose


A collection inspired by the stars. The elegance and lightness of the Solaire collection in Rose Gold Plating, is ideal for the summer season and to remember the beautiful sunsets it has to offer. Auva and its beautiful pink cord will enhance your tan and its 5 micron 14 carat pink gold plated piece will accompany you in all your summer activities.



The final word


Ultimately, the bracelet becomes a symbol of vacations and memories due to its association with travel experiences, moments of relaxation, and emotional memories. It serves as a tangible reminder of the pleasant moments experienced during the holidays and can evoke positive emotions and precious memories each time it is worn.