Soldes : L'été du Vent
Soldes : L'été du Vent

Sales: L'été du Vent

In a world where unbridled consumption and seasonal sales have become commonplace, it is important to emphasize the importance of ethics in our consumer choices. Our brand, concerned about ethical values ​​and sustainability, has made a firm decision: we do not participate in sales. In this article, we will explain the ethical reasons behind this decision and why we believe it is crucial to question the model of traditional sales.



The trap of overconsumption



Sales are often associated with the overconsumption frenzy, where customers are pressured into buying products they don't actually need. Massive discounts and advertising pressure create a sense of urgency, prompting consumers to buy on impulse. This mentality of overconsumption contributes to the depletion of natural resources, the excessive production of waste and the exploitation of workers in developing countries.




The ethics of production


By refusing to participate in sales, our brand sends a clear message: we care about how our products are made and we do not support practices that promote the exploitation of workers. Sales can encourage brands to reduce production costs, which can lead to precarious working conditions and insufficient wages for workers in the fashion industry. Instead, we choose to work with ethical suppliers, ensure fair working conditions and support workers' rights.







Overproduction and overconsumption are two of the main causes of the environmental crisis we face today. By avoiding sales, we reduce our ecological footprint by producing only what is necessary. We are also committed to promoting sustainable practices, such as the use of environmentally friendly materials, recycling and reuse. By encouraging our customers to buy responsibly, we are helping to preserve the environment for future generations.




Price fairness


Another reason our brand has chosen not to participate in sales is to ensure fair pricing. Sales can often create a sense of unfairness, where those who can afford to wait for promotions get deep discounts, while others have to pay full price. We believe in a fair pricing policy, where our products are offered at their fair value throughout the year, without discrimination.




Accessibility is all year round


With Le Vent à la Française, accessibility is not ephemeral and lasts all year round.




Galion - Maillon 22 mm


Simplicity and subtlety are the key words of this navy blue and white bracelet. Light and easy to wear, the Galion bracelet is very trendy, and we are sure that you already want to adopt it!





Orin - Maillon 16 mm



Orin is a bracelet that combines an aged silver piece and a beige cord, adaptable to all wrists thanks to its system of sliding knots. More than a bracelet, a symbol.



Mouvant - Cercle


“Stay in motion” with the Cercle Collection. In this collection, we have used the symbolism of the circle to create jewelry that reminds the wearer to keep moving, to keep moving forward in harmony. For summer choose the Mouvant bracelet, a sky blue speckled with white.



Hegoa - Argent Vieilli


A creation that comes from our brand's iconic collection, the Argent Vieilli collection. It combines a high quality cord and a medal resistant to the trials of life. Its level of detail and finish reflects unrivaled French know-how. Many appreciated the Khaki color of the cord, guaranteed for life.





The final word



Sales have become a tradition in the world of consumption, but it is essential to question this practice in the light of ethical considerations. Our brand has chosen not to participate in the sales, based on values ​​such as sustainability, production ethics, fair prices and the fight against overconsumption. By making this decision, we hope to encourage other brands and consumers to rethink their relationship with consumption and to favor more ethical and responsible choices.