Les occasions pour offrir un bracelet
Les occasions pour offrir un bracelet

The occasions to offer a bracelet

To find the perfect gift for one of our loved ones, it is true that it can quickly become a headache depending on the occasion. However, we are going to prove you the opposite since a bracelet can truly become the ideal gift, for a woman as well as a man.

The jewels to offer such as bracelets are among the most pleasant and popular gifts since they allow you to mark the occasion by immortalizing each important moment. Now the challenge lies in finding the right and suitable bracelet for the occasion at hand.

So at Le Vent à la Française, we don't like to see you helpless and that's why we've decided to help you decide. We have concocted a small guide to bracelets 100% made in France, which in addition to being modern and stylish, respond to a social, societal and environmental dimension. Something to make people happy!

If you were until now lacking in inspiration, don't worry, the team at Le Vent à la Française takes care of everything. If you wanted to please while doing a good deed, you've come to the right place: with our bracelets, you can't go wrong!


The bracelet: a gift for everyone


The bracelet is a timeless jewel, often unisex, which will please you, gentlemen, as well as ladies. This accessory, emblematic of our brand, can be declined in many models and in very different styles. At Le Vent à la Française, this is precisely what we have decided to fully exploit in order to be able to meet everyone's needs and desires.

Not being exclusively reserved for women, our bracelets allow you to bring that touch of originality that will make all the difference. By sublimating the wrists, they will know how to marry perfectly with other bracelets for a layering effect or simply to dress up a watch.

In addition to being very aesthetic, opting for a bracelet offers the possibility of sending a message since it is a pledge of symbolism. It is an ideal way to prove your attachment, your love and even just your friendship. It's up to you to try and try to find the bracelet that will capsize the heart of the person to whom you offer it, with a more or less marked style.

By being composed of a medal which comes in six very different models and a very resistant cord, we are proud to offer you bracelets which will be perfectly adapted for all occasions. To wear without moderation !


Our favorite bracelet models for every occasion


Give a bracelet for a birthday


Le Vent d’Argent Noir in 950° Silver


What do you think of the Vent d’Argent Noir in 950° Silver? It will be impossible for you to go wrong by opting for the elegance and sobriety of this bracelet.

More masculine, it will perfectly sublimate a wrist watch with its dark color that will easily match.


The Black Silver Wind



Le Vent d’Argent d’Aubier in 950° Silver


For a slightly more feminine model, the Le Vent d'Argent d’Aubier bracelet will be ideal for the slender wrists. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to offer this little gem in light colors.

It will delight the heart of the person who wears it thanks to the purity of the cord of the bracelet which blends with the elegance and brilliance of the medallion in Sterling Silver.


The Silver Wind of Sapwood



Offer a bracelet for Mother's Day


The wooden Orée


Mother's Day is one of the times when it is possible to surprise your mom, by filling her with happiness. The wooden Orée is distinguished by the warm tones of its speckled cord which combines the softness of beige with the warmth of burgundy.

Very elegant, it will be ideal to adorn your mum's wrist if she appreciates simple and refined things of high quality.





Offer a bracelet for Father's Day


The Grésillon in Noir Asphalte


It's your father's turn to be delighted, so what about the Grésillon in Noir Asphalte? Specially chosen for the occasion, it will be the ideal accessory to embellish a formal outfit, for a casual chic look.

Dotted with light touches of gray and blue, we guarantee that your dad will be charmed by this bracelet.


The Gresillon



The Mercure in Noir Asphalte


If your father likes colors, Le Mercure will be the perfect compromise with its Noir Asphalte medal. Original while retaining this element of elegance, it will immediately dress your dad's wrist.

The combination of ecru and blue will be the perfect trigger to bring back many memories by the sea, with the beautiful color of the sand and the ocean.





Give a bracelet for Valentine's Day


The Rafale in Argent Vieilli


To testify to your love, how not to fall in love with Le Rafale in Aged Silver? The red of the bracelet undoubtedly recalls the colors of Valentine's Day, while being ideal to brighten up your outfit during the winter season.

Trust us, your partner can only be delighted with this burgundy jewel with gray and white flies. Nothing will be easier than to associate it with each outfit, from the most sober to the most colorful.





Olympe in Argent Vieilli


Finally, if you have not yet set your sights on one of our bracelets, this may be the case with L'Olympe, in Argent Vieilli. Perfect timeless jewel, it is a chic model that will dress your partner's wrist in a beautiful red with a seductive look.

It will highlight the personality of the person to whom you are going to offer it, by perfecting and finalizing their look. A most symbolic way to materialize your feelings.


The Olympus bracelet



And you, for what occasion would you like to receive a bracelet?