Les nouveaux cordons de la collection Maillon 22 mm
Les nouveaux cordons de la collection Maillon 22 mm

The new cords of the Maillon 22 mm collection

Make your summer outfits shine, with the iconic Maillon 22 mm, and its new drawstring design.

This bracelet is ideal for men, because the Maillon 22 mm is a more imposing piece, which is both discreet and masculine.

Le Vent à la Française never ceases to amaze you. Even today, we are committed to offering you collections that meet your desires and your needs, while respecting those of the planet.


The success of the 22mm Maillon

Recently and to satisfy our new creations, we have been working with the French specialist in the manufacture of costume jewelery for the production of our Maillon 22mm, Provence Fonderie. The company benefits from more than 40 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing, based in Marseille.

This collection has been a huge success since its launch, becoming a symbol of Le Vent à la Française in its own right. This collection is inspired by sailboats pushed by the Wind. It is a bracelet 100% made in France, in a 10 micron silver plated finish.

The success of this collection is partly explained by its simplicity and timeless elegance, as well as by the deep symbolic meaning of this bracelet. The bracelet has become a symbol of commitments, and carries strong values.


The new cords

Until then, there were 12 bracelets of different colors and patterns that sublimate the piece of this collection.

These new cords are the way to offer you even more choice, by offering you a variety of different cords, and by giving you the possibility of finding the one that suits you the most.

Fashion trends change regularly, and by offering new cords for our bracelets, we can offer you the opportunity to adopt new trends, in line with customer tastes and expectations.
By creating these new cords, we also had the opportunity to improve their quality and durability.

Beyond the colors and patterns, it is essentially the design of the cord that has changed. We now find it thicker and flatter, adapting better to the shape of the wrist to marry it in a more subtle way.


Why choose this new rope design?

It is a fine accessory, very light, and pleasant to wear. This model is also distinguished by its flexibility. It is thus more or less discreet in appearance, but reflects a certain symbolism.

Contrary to popular belief, men attach enough importance to accessories that complement their style of dress. Far from being a model of bracelet imbued with extravagance, the new design of the cord of the Maillon 22 mm displays a singularity and a simplicity that is sometimes lacking in most masculine jewellery.

The cord bracelet is the ideal present that you can offer to someone you care about. Whether it is a relative or the chosen one of your heart, this jewel will be the expression of the relationship you wish to maintain. Through the image sent by the links or cords that make up a cord bracelet, you will show your affection, and the durability of your story.

The drawstring offers versatility as it can be worn for a variety of occasions and accommodate different dress styles. Also, they are often more casual than precious metal bracelets, making them more suitable for everyday wear.

Just like the symbolism and the image it conveys, the cord bracelet is an accessory that will last forever.

A jewel telling a story, and having a meaning, does not see the emotion it transmits being altered by time. The cord bracelet will always have its place as a complement to clothing style.


Our missions



Support and protect

One of our main missions is to support our customers in all stages of their lives thanks to our bracelets made to last. They skate over time to become an accessory in their own right.

Also, it is necessary for us to protect nature and its ecosystem. The choice to work with sustainable materials has always been obvious because it places Le Vent à la Française in a responsible approach, justifying the branding of the brand.


Le Vent à la Française selection





Go adrift with this magnificent bracelet with pink nuances. The softness of its color and the quality of the Maillon piece, offers a bracelet that brings together all the codes of jewelry. Its 100% French manufacture assures you that this bracelet will accompany you all your life.





This elegant bracelet from the Maillon Collection 22 mm flat cord is very comfortable to wear.

Its plain colored cord will be very easy to associate, and will offer you the possibility of juxtaposing it with other bracelets. The cord of this bracelet, like all the others of the Le Vent à la Française brand, is adjustable thanks to a system of sliding knots.





Simplicity and subtlety are the key words of this bracelet in navy blue, white and red. Light and easy to wear, the Tilla bracelet is very trendy, and we are sure that you already want to adopt it!






The Voile bracelet features the 22 mm Maillon enhanced by a red cord speckled with white. It is easy to wear with many outfits and will sublimate your wrist, in elegance and refinement.


H2 - The final word

We are very happy to be able to bring forward the Maillon 22 mm Collection, which you have already enjoyed so much! The cords of this collection are a real novelty and above all, a trend that you will be able to adopt in preview. Discover the collection right here.