Le Vent à la Française x Michelin
Le Vent à la Française x Michelin

The French Wind x Michelin

The fabulous history of Michelin



An Auvergne manufacturer that has become a world leader


Michelin is a French company, which has always had its headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, located in Puy-de-Dôme. Today, this tire manufacturer is a world leader in its sector.

The adventure began in 1889 when two brothers, André and Edouard Michelin, founded Michelin et Cie in Clermont-Ferrand. It is the introduction of rubber in Auvergne which is used first and foremost for the manufacture of balls for children.

In 1898, the advertising legend appeared, since the famous Bibendum was born under the pencil of the designer O'Galop. This is one of the oldest logos known to date.
Then, it was an electric car fitted with Michelin tires, which answers to the name of La Jamais Contente, which set a record by becoming the first car to exceed 100 km/h.

The first red guide presents restaurants and was created in 1900. Then, the first regional tourist guide, ancestor of the green guide, appeared in 1926.
These famous Michelin guides that we all know were given free of charge to customers with the aim of encouraging them to travel, and therefore to use their tires as much as possible.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the company would open thirty factories around the world and thus become a leading multinational company.


Michelin tire



The current group


In 2011, the group produced 184 million tires and published 10 million maps and guides. 43% of its activity takes place in Europe, 34% in North America, and 23% in the rest of the world.

In France, just over 20,000 people now work in the company.

The company is established in many cities in France, and has spread all over the world.

Today, in addition to being a multinational firm, Michelin is also an adventure.
Since 2009, it has offered a broad overview of the group's history and current events. The Michelin adventure lets us know in more detail this living history of a product and a brand that has always been of its time.

At the center of this journey, stands the family figure of Bibendum. A figure that symbolizes Michelin: very close to its public, in perpetual evolution, but remaining faithful to its values. The Michelin group museum offers everyone, young and old alike, a fun and interactive experience in a setting that takes us on a journey. The experience that took place yesterday is what will build the advances of tomorrow: the epic of the Michelin factory is written in the present. Michelin Garage


Michelin, the innovation accelerator



A responsible and committed company


If we had the chance to collaborate with this company that we have always admired, it is primarily because of the values ​​it transmits.
“Develop better mobility for all, in the long term, by sharing the Group's values ​​of respect, performance and responsibility”, this is what this tire giant promises.

Contributing to more sustainable mobility is one of the pillars of their philosophy. The founding brothers of Michelin, create their first products and services in order to meet the mobility needs of goods but also of people.
Today in a growing world with strong environmental requirements, their challenge is to innovate to invent the mobility of tomorrow, more energy and raw material efficient, cleaner, safer and connected. The “Movin On” event shows, at each edition, the Group's actions in favor of more sustainable mobility.

The idea of ​​strong societal and local involvement is omnipresent. The company supports many projects and initiatives around the world by investing in particular in employment, the development of local businesses, safety, mobility and education.



Le Vent à la Française x Michelin



Our collaboration


For all these reasons, we are proud to have been able to collaborate with Michelin and its employees.


An achievement for our team


We view this collaboration with pride. Born in Clermont, Charles and Louis, the founders of Le Vent à la Française, have known this company since their first steps. In Auvergne, we even speak of “three towns in one”: Clermont, Montferrand, and Michelin.
A journalist wrote in 1932: “We are born at the Michelin clinic, we study at the Michelin school, we pray at the Jesus-Ouvrier church, built in the middle of a Michelin workers' housing estate, we do our shopping at the Michelin cooperative and we practice the sport at the ASM (Michelin Sports Association)".

So when our brand was able to collaborate with it, it was a fulfillment that lived up to our expectations.

This company is the pride of our region, thanks to its values, its ability to develop more every day, its corporate culture which reflects an obvious social paternalism.
We will go so far as to say that we are inspired by this exemplary model for our company, and we hope that we will in turn be able to satisfy a clientele that can be global, by transmitting our values.


Our common point, the trip


We have the same aspirations to make our consumers travel, in our own way. We want to give an international dimension to our products by promising a sensational and hassle-free journey. The promise of our values ​​reflects the quality of our products.

Our bracelets are the result of our work and that of our employees, who work every day to meet our expectations, and yours !
The durability of our products is ensured by 100% French manufacturing, with assembly done by hand by disabled people, because we are committed to preserving jobs for all, and to being part of this social approach which corresponds to the values of our business.

It was therefore important to us that these two excursions come together to form an even greater promise. We wanted to be recognized by its employees.

Take your first trip to discover our bracelets, without waiting, discover the quality of French know-how that we perpetuate every day thanks to our partner workshops. Our inspirations like the Michelin factory pushes us to develop new projects that you will be able to discover as time progresses.


Here is our selection of bracelets for you today:

The Écaille - Contre-Courant Collection

Discover the Contre-Courant summer 2021 collection.
The Écaille is this cord made of recycled salmon-coloured fishing line speckled with white. The Écaille is 100% eco-responsible, made of recycled plastic and fishing line that adapts to your wrist, thanks to its sliding knots. The cord of your bracelet will be guaranteed for life, for your greatest happiness and also for that of the planet.


Bracelet L'Ecaille collection Contre-Courant Le Vent à la Française


The Bille - Bois Collection

The Bille, a beautiful navy blue cord flecked with white.

The Bille is an eco-responsible bracelet that will adapt to your wrist, thanks to its sliding knots. So that you can keep it as long as possible, the cord of your bracelet is guaranteed for life.


Bracelet Le Bille collection Bois Le Vent à la Française


The Passion - Solaire Collection

Succumb to the lavender shade of the Passion bracelet.
Its cord and its small medallion are 100% made in France, in prestigious workshops recognized for their know-how.
Our bracelets are easily adjusted thanks to their sliding knots.


Bracelet Le Passion solar collection Le Vent à la Française


The Autal
- Argent Vieilli Collection

Let yourself be dazzled by the radiance of the Autal, its orange color will remind you of the Indian summer period.
An aged silver piece linked to a cord guaranteed for life, both made in exceptional French workshops for unparalleled quality.
Like all our bracelets, it is water resistant and adaptable to the smallest and largest of wrists thanks to its sliding knots.


Bracelet L'Autal Aged Silver collection Le Vent à la Française


Le Vent d'Argent d'Aubier - Argent Massif Collection

Le Vent d'Argent d'Aubier is the perfect accessory to dress your wrists this fall. The white and sand cord associated with our Sterling Silver medal will enhance your most beautiful outfits.
Its piece is imagined and designed by our team, then produced in fifteen manufacturing stages, in a French workshop in Dardilly. The robustness of the cord will make your bracelet a real partner in adventures.


Bracelet Le Vent d'Argent d'Aubier 950 Silver collection Le Vent à la Française