Le salon du Made in France
Le salon du Made in France

The Made in France fair

The flagship event for French savoir-faire


Today, we're talking about the made in France show! This show is a fair for French products. It is an exclusive event to live the French experience of discovering the latest developments, trends, services and products from France.

Before reading this article, we invite you to discover our article dedicated to the specificities of made in France .




The principle of this meeting


Fabienne Delahaye, is at the origin of this show. She founded it in 2012, to fight a system which, by relocating, produces too high an unemployment rate.
It was therefore after studying economics, and noting the phenomena of an excessively high unemployment rate, that the conviction came to him to make things happen.

Audacity having taken her by surprise, she decided to create this show to bring together those who believe in Made in France, and those who are likely to be interested in it as visitors.

Despite a rather apparent success, with 570 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors, the opinion is not shared by everyone. Indeed, some brands have denounced the approach as “old-fashioned” and even “nationalist”. Yet the made in France has nothing to do with politics!

This year, the MIF EXPO show will be held in Paris, from November 11 to 14, 2021. The show allows French industry, innovation and creativity to meet consumers. The principle is simple: bring together the fervent defenders of Made in France so that the company can develop further, and so that an influence is exerted on visitors who can come and discover the foundations of this principle.

A discovery of Made in France on all fronts: you won't miss any of the new French trends . Indeed, the types of products that you can find at the show come from many sectors: innovation, fashion, beauty, clothing, decoration, furniture, gastronomy, crafts, vehicles, mobility, childhood...and many more. !



The great prizes of Made in France


Each year, prizes are awarded to encourage companies that have distinguished themselves with a particular innovation.


They are four in number:

- The MIF entrepreneur of the year award : for the entrepreneur who has distinguished himself by his involvement in Made in France

- The MIF innovation prize : it will reward the best innovation of the year in the Made in France sector

- The environmental prize : this will reward the Made in France company most involved in the environment

- The public prize : and finally, this prize is awarded to the company that has obtained the most votes from the public.


The jury will be made up of experts in the field, such as Gilles Attaf, president of the French origin guarantee label , or Dominique Mockly, president and CEO of TEREGA .


Symbol of Made in France by MIFEXPO


The conferences


Conferences will be held during this show, to answer questions on current events, and to discuss the ideas that will be received there. In the manner of our blog, the subjects covered will be related to a lavish news.
The 2020 edition offered topics such as "the impact of made in France" / "what if we stopped selling France off" and many more...



Why are we talking about it today?


The choice to write an article on this show is not insignificant. It is in perfect harmony with the values ​​that we want to share with you every day through our brand.

It is therefore important for us to make you discover shows that bring together brands similar to ours, which also meet the triptych: sustainable, ethical, and compliance with standards (quality, safety, environment, health).

This place allows exhibitors to approach consumers directly, and allows visitors to discover ancestral know-how and original products.


Exhibition room


An event close to our hearts


Forced to see all the good effects that Made in France has, it is important for us to participate fully in its evolution. This is why we will not give up in the face of the rejections that some brands may make of it, and we will continue to deploy all the means given to us, to make this notable dynamic known to as many people as possible.

To do this, the Vent team will be happy to meet you at the 2021 edition of the Made in France show. We look forward to being able to exchange with you, and to discover all these other brands who carry the same values ​​as us in their hearts, a common anchor that is maintained thanks to such occasions.