Le bracelet Noir Asphalte
Le bracelet Noir Asphalte

The Black Asphalt bracelet

This month, a new range of bracelets joins our fleet, a model with a black piece created thanks to you and for you. Indeed, your suggestions have guided us towards the imagination of a model that is both elegant and resistant. Making a new capsule requires a lot of time; between the choice of materials and the testing of the first prototypes, nothing is left to chance. We know the end result is worth it.


From idea to creation


As always, our wish is to renew our collections while being as transparent as possible regarding the composition of our products and their manufacturing process. Today, we are proud to present our new collection of bracelets, entirely made in France : the Noir Asphalte collection .

Black Asphalt bracelet - black Asphalt logo - Le Vent à la Française

These are 12 models of bracelets with a black piece linked to a light or dark cord, which join the 3 previous capsules of Le Vent à la Française bracelets; models in argent vieilliargent massif and bois.


More than a collaboration, a creation with a French accent that makes sense


A new challenge


Since our beginnings, French know-how has been the very essence of our products.

We know that the small efforts of each, contribute to the success of all. Manufacturing 100% French means promoting short circuits and reducing our carbon footprint . A challenge that we take up with determination to offer you a product that makes sense. The history of our bracelets, we write it a little more each day thanks to the workshops with which we collaborate.

Black Asphalt bracelet - Black Asphalt details - Le Vent à la Française

The Provence Fonderie workshop , located in the South of France, supports us in the creation of this new project, carried out in compliance with the standards of 100% French manufacturing. The pewter piece is covered using the cataphoresis technique which consists of immersing the piece in a bath of black varnish.

This technique offers the part a high resistance to oxidation and color change . Also without risk to your health, the metal part and its coating do not contain lead or nickel.

We have decided once again to link our new pieces to the cords made by Gauthier Fils , an exceptional French workshop with the EPV label located in the center of France (to find out more, click here ). These cords withstand more than 70 kilograms of tension and are always guaranteed for life .


Wearing it is good, pairing it perfectly with your outfit is better


On the occasion of the release of this new collection, we wanted to share with you ideas for outfits with which you can associate each bracelet.


The Émeraude

A discreet bracelet that can be perfectly associated with many colors. Our little advice: make a reminder of khaki with another accessory in your outfit.

Emerald Bracelet

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The Mercure

Mercure's stripes allow you to wear plain clothes in simple colors. For lovers of blue, we advise you to associate the colors of your top with Mercure. For even more style, we advise you to wear faded light blue jeans.

The Mercury Bracelet

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