La personnalisation et Le Vent à la Française
La personnalisation et Le Vent à la Française

Personalization and Le Vent à la Française

Have you ever heard of the Vent Factory?

Le Vent à la Française blows on its messages to make way for yours. This is an offer only intended for professionals, which consists of personalizing our products, in your image.


Strong values


We thought and set up this service taking into account our values, our characteristics and YOUR desires. Personalized products follow the same manufacturing process as those intended for individuals.

You may already know that Le Vent à la Française advocates strong environmental and social values. The whole team is aware of the challenges of tomorrow and everyone's desire to move towards more responsible and sustainable consumption.


French production


Our main commitment is to manufacture all our products only in France . Our country has a lot of wealth and skills, with which we can do great things. This is why, through our brand, we put French know-how at the forefront. We are anxious to make it last because it is a guarantee of quality and unequaled authenticity. Also, we contribute to safeguarding employment in the country by favoring short circuits and local companies for the manufacture of our products.


Our social commitment


Since our beginnings, we have supported the professional reintegration of people with disabilities. On the one hand, with the ESAT Pierre Doussinet (in Romagnat, in Puy-de-Dôme), a workshop in which our bracelets are assembled daily. On the other hand, with the ITHAC in Riorges (near Roanne), a textile workshop in which 87% of the people employed are disabled.


Our environmental commitment


All our collaborators are close to our shipping location. Thus, our products do not travel more than 750 kilometers before being sent to you. This local approach makes it possible to minimize journeys and therefore promote the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Our associative commitment


Since the spring of 2019, we have been supporting two associations by offering our customers the possibility of making donations at the end of their order. First of all, we support the National Society of Rescuers at Sea (SNSM), an association committed to the protection of civilians on the beaches and the French coast. We also collaborate with La Ligue Handisport Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes , an association that makes sport accessible to people with disabilities. Thanks to your generosity, this operation has already generated more than 4,000 donations.


Why customize our products to your image?


This makes it possible to value, thank, or even federate your employees and your customers. Through personalization, you can spread a message, create memories and emotions.

The main objective of personalizing your products is to make an impression. What better than to offer a quality object, with a strong symbolism, and 100% made in France? You are sure to make the right choice!


At Le Vent à la Française, we offer you high quality and made-to-measure customizable products. Added to this is the support and advice of our team throughout the customization process, from design to delivery.


Personalization, but for which products?


The majority of our collections are customizable! We work hand in hand with highly qualified workshops authorized to weave and strike our medals. You have the possibility to create your custom-made products.

The bracelet is usually your first choice. It is a unisex unifying accessory that symbolizes an existing bond between employees. It is timeless, worn every day and will follow you everywhere, throughout your life. Its paracord link that can withstand more than 70 kilograms will last for many years and its nickel-free medal will evolve over the months, acquire a patina and obtain a unique hue.

The medals are stamped with the design of your choice (logo, slogan, unique event) and can be associated with a multitude of colors and thicknesses for our lanyards.

Finally, almost all of our collections are customizable and are just waiting for you to adopt a new style!


They have already trusted us!


In a few months, several companies, groups, clubs and associations came knocking on our door to personalize our products.

If you too would like to call on the Wind Factory, for an event, an end-of-year gift, or even simple thanks, do not hesitate to contact us! If you want to send us your request, it's HERE .

We have already personalized our bracelets within the framework of collaborations. Especially during the 51st edition of the EDHEC cruise race in 2019, the biggest student sports competition in Europe.


Personalization and Le Vent à la Française - Personalization details 1 - Le Vent à la Française


The Clermont-Ferrand Business School also called on our services on the occasion of its Centenary.

But also, the world leader in 2015 and 2017 of e-commerce marketplaces, MIRAKL in order to unite its teams.


Personalization and Le Vent à la Française - Personalization details 2 - Le Vent à la Française



Collaborating with Le Vent à la Française means:


- Support and promote French manufacturing,

- Support the handicap,

- Choose quality products 100% made in France,

- Participate in the preservation of jobs in France and particularly in rural areas,

- Sharing eco-responsible values,

- Have an exact traceability of the products,

- Giving meaning to his collaboration.