Comment porter votre bracelet Maillon 22mm ?
Comment porter votre bracelet Maillon 22mm ?


Make your summer outfits shine with the iconic Maillon, in 22mm. This bracelet is ideal for men, because it is a more imposing piece, which is both discreet and masculine.

As always, we strive to diversify to meet all your growing needs while respecting people and the planet. Thus, you will never get tired of wearing your Le Vent à la Française bracelet. We offer you a new collection more innovative than the last one.

We are proud to move forward with strong values ​​and to honor our most important commitments.

Today, the Maillon 22mm collection made its debut.

As you know, we are very happy to advise you on the purchase of a bracelet, but also afterwards.

If you want to know how to best wear the Maillon 22mm bracelet, we are here to help.



What is the role of the bracelet?


The bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated jewels by women and men. Indeed, this little beauty accessory will highlight your wrist and add a touch of elegance to your look. Among the wide range of bracelets available at Vent à la Française, the Maillon 22mm collection occupies a special place.

It must be said that wearing jewelry contributes to the formation of personality. A very trendy bracelet that adapts to any style of outfit. Each element of the Maillon collection expresses an idea.

There are many reasons to wear a bracelet.

Wearing beauty accessories has traditionally been considered feminine in essence, but today's reality is different, as anyone can wear a bracelet, stand out in a group of people. No matter which model you choose, this jewel will make you stand out wherever you go.



When to wear a Maillon 22 mm bracelet?


A jewel to wear every day. That's the point. This type of bracelet has the advantage of being able to adapt to all budgets. So you can get as many as you want and wear a different one every day if you want. There are no restrictions on colors, styles and materials. You have an infinite universe of possibilities.

A jewel to wear at work, on vacation or for unusual activities.



How to wear the Maillon 22 mm collection?


True multi-talent: The mesh bracelet celebrates a comeback and is becoming more and more popular with men and women! Impressive with its elegant design, it is not only comfortable to wear, but also sturdy and superior. Durability is also attractive.

The Maillon 22 mm bracelets are particularly durable. They are robust and, thanks to the fineness of the teeth of the mesh, have a high quality and a particularly elegant effect.

If you don't know how to wear these bracelets, but want to incorporate them into all your everyday outfits, read on.



Hune bracelet


This beige and white bracelet is entirely made in France. It can be worn with a white outfit to blend perfectly with it. But also on a more characterful color to bring out its hue.





Amure Bracelet

The color of this bracelet is very easy to associate. It can be worn with a dark shade like navy blue or black to combine it elegantly.




Proue Bracelet

This bracelet is a unique creation that will follow you every day and that adapts to the colors of all your outfits, but also to all types of wrists. Nothing is more elegant than tone on tone, so do not hesitate to associate it with a dark outfit. Of course, a colored outfit will also look great with this bracelet.




Tangon bracelet


The mix of a 22 mm link in 10 micron silver plated, and a bright orange and white cord. Dare to wear it with a light outfit so that it stands out even more. We also love seeing it worn with a linen shirt, but also with a color that goes perfectly with it, like khaki.




The final word

You are now ready to wear this new Maillon 22mm collection in all circumstances! Also let your imagination run wild according to your tastes and desires every day. To discover the collection, it's here!