Comment incorporer des bracelets éthiques dans votre look quotidien ?
Comment incorporer des bracelets éthiques dans votre look quotidien ?

How to incorporate ethical bracelets into your daily look?

Accessories can play a vital role in creating your personal style. If you want to add a touch of sophistication and ethical awareness to your everyday look, ethical bracelets are a great choice. This jewelry made with sustainable and fair trade materials allows you to make a fashion statement while supporting responsible practices. In this article, we'll give you tips on how to incorporate ethical bracelets into your everyday look.



Choose bracelets made from sustainable materials

When selecting ethical bracelets, favor those made from sustainable materials such as sustainably sourced wood, organic or recycled natural fibers, or recycled metals. These materials reduce environmental impact and support responsible use of natural resources. Opt for quality bracelets that last a long time and withstand daily use.



Look for ethical brands

Do some research to find brands that put ethics at the heart of their production. Look for companies that use environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, support local artisans, or participate in fair trade programs. Ethical brands are transparent about their practices and care about the social and environmental impact of their business. By choosing bracelets from these brands, you support more responsible fashion.



Layer the bracelets

A trendy way to incorporate ethical bracelets into your everyday look is to layer them. Choose bracelets of different sizes, textures and materials to create a unique combination. For example, you can layer wooden bracelets with beaded or fabric bracelets. This adds dimension to your outfit and highlights your personal style while highlighting your ethical choices.




Match them to your outfit

Ethical bracelets can be a great addition to your outfit. Pair them with simple, neutral clothing to create visual contrast and highlight the bracelets. For example, wear wooden bracelets with jeans and a white t-shirt for a casual and stylish look. Or, add colorful fabric bracelets to a monochrome outfit for a touch of vibrancy. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different combinations.



Wear them with pride


Finally, the most important thing is to wear your ethical bracelets with pride and share the story behind them. When someone compliments your bracelets, take the opportunity to explain that they are responsibly made and support ethical practices. This can spark conversations and inspire others to make more conscious choices in their own style.



Choose the right bracelets


Odyssey - Solar Aged Silver


A creation that comes from our brand's iconic collection, the Argent Aged collection. It combines a high quality cord and a medal resistant to the tests of life. Its level of detail and finish reflects unrivaled French know-how. Many appreciated the sky blue colors of the cord, guaranteed for life.


Sailor - Antique Silver


Let yourself be carried away by the Marin model and its blue color, like the waves of the ocean.

A nylon cord guaranteed for life and an aged silver piece made in fifteen steps in an exceptional French workshop, for an elegant model.
A 100% French and water-resistant model to accompany you in all your activities, all year round.


Foam - Mesh

The Mailles bracelet is inspired by the strength and tenderness of waves. We really like the simplicity and sobriety of the bracelets in this collection. The small links of this bracelet give it a more feminine side.


Cycle - Circle


A 10 micron silver plated circle, linked to a cord guaranteed for life, this bracelet will accompany you on all your adventures. We love its blue pattern braided with white, ideal for sunny days.



The final word



Incorporating ethical bracelets into your everyday look is a way to combine fashion with social and environmental responsibility. By choosing bracelets made from sustainable materials and supporting ethical brands, you create a unique style and support responsible practices. Don't be afraid to layer bracelets, pair them with your outfit and wear them with pride. Show the world that fashion can be beautiful and ethical at the same time.