Comment entretenir votre bracelet en Argent Massif ?
Comment entretenir votre bracelet en Argent Massif ?

How to maintain your Sterling Silver bracelet?

Have you heard of the Sterling Silver collection? Our Argent 950 bracelets are just waiting for you to prove to you that in addition to being an essential jewel to sublimate your outfit, they are also the pledge of great symbolism.

Trends follow and follow each other, and yet bracelets are still in vogue. The very first bracelets were made from plants and minerals such as stones, bark and many other elements. And to preserve this authenticity, we wanted to direct our approach towards sustainability and eco-responsibility commitments.

But at Le Vent à la Française, our goal is not only to enhance your outfits, we are also committed to allowing you to create beautiful memories. So what do you think of setting sail and setting sail for a new horizon? Who knows, maybe it will be to stop off not far from the Sterling Silver collection.

Only the future will tell us, in the meantime we wanted to provide you with all the cards in hand to sustainably maintain your 950° silver bracelet. To do this, we have put together our best tips to help you keep your bracelet looking as good as it did on day one.


Everything you need to know about the Sterling Silver bracelet


The Argent 950 collection is always embellished and stamped with our emblematic wind rose, which adorns an elegant ultra-resistant cord. Easily adaptable, our bracelets work through a system of sliding knots.

By sublimating each of your outfits, they will make you stand out thanks to their elegance and simplicity. With a range of colors, textures and thicknesses of cords, they will please and attract attention.

Thanks to the many models that we have thought long and hard about designing, you have the opportunity to choose and have fun. This is an ideal opportunity to opt for a bracelet of great robustness that will evolve with you. Over the years, the piece will take on a unique color thanks to its natural patina.

To better understand why our bracelets are tireless, you should know that 950° silver is made up of 95% pure silver and 5% copper. The marriage of silver with a metal such as copper contributes to the solidity of the medals.

If you are looking for a solid and elegant bracelet, which will adorn your wrist during all your daily adventures, our 950° bracelets are made for you!


How to maintain your sterling silver bracelet - silver - Le Vent à la Française


Our advice for optimal maintenance


Sterling Silver requires very little maintenance since it is renowned for its durability and solidity. Its evolution over time is a real guarantee of authenticity.

However, it should be remembered that silver can darken the more you wear it. There is nothing to worry about as it is part of the life cycle of silver jewelry. This is explained by the presence of solid silver and copper in their compositions but also by the acidity level of your skin, which varies according to the individual.

These factors that can promote the acceleration of blackening should be taken into account to better understand our Sterling Silver bracelets. But don't worry, we have several solutions to offer you!

Silver, unlike gold, proves to be endowed with great sensitivity in contact with chemicals. Thus, we recommend that you keep your 950° Silver bracelet away from any product that could be harmful and damage it. Faced with popular belief, we also wish to specify that the silver medallion should not be cleaned with a product for silverware, at the risk of damaging it.

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Cleaning a Sterling Silver Bracelet


To preserve its brilliance and its initial appearance, it is useful to plan a cleaning once a year in order to eliminate the impurities which can settle on the medal or in the cord. Lemon will be your great ally to restore the shine of yesteryear to your bracelet. The process ? You can pass a lemon wedge on the silver medallion, then rinse it with clear water. The essential step is drying, using a soft cloth for optimal polishing.

We can also recommend cleaning with soapy water where it is possible to soak the medallion overnight. When this step is done, you can then proceed to polishing, rinsing and drying. If the jewelry does not require as much cleaning, you can rub it gently with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water.

Very useful, toothpaste is effective in erasing oxidation stains. As for the previous techniques, the process is the same: apply a knob of toothpaste on the medallion, rub with a cloth or an old soft toothbrush, rinse with clear water and dry for a long time.

The key to keeping your bracelet like new is to clean it very rarely, sparingly and delicately.


Our favorite models in Sterling Silver


Le Vent d'Argent Cyclone


How not to fall in love with the warm tones of the Le Vent d'Argent Cyclone bracelet? Its pretty navy blue hue matched with fine flies will enhance your outfit, as it should.

The Silver Wind Cyclone

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Le Vent d'Argent Perle


If you are looking for the perfect alliance between elegance and discretion, Le Vent d'Argent Perle will convince you to adopt it. What better way to enhance your wrist than its pretty light gray cord that will soften its brilliant piece in solid silver.


Bracelet Le Vent d'Argent Perle


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