Comment choisir un bracelet ?
Comment choisir un bracelet ?

How to choose a bracelet?

Choosing a bracelet is not an easy task since many criteria now come into play. Whether for a purchase or to offer, for everyday life or for an occasion, it is important to us to do the right thing. choice. But at Le Vent à la Française, we want to offer you a range of possibilities so that you are not limited.

So between commitments, robustness, and design, it requires weighing the pros and cons in order to opt for the right bracelet. To facilitate your decision-making, you must already ask yourself for which season do you want to wear this same bracelet. Because yes, although our bracelets can be worn according to your convenience, some are more suitable for summer or, on the contrary, for winter.

For this, we are committed to offering you a large choice of cords so that you can have the possibility of an infinity of variations. To illustrate, the Pineapple from the solar collection will be ideal to contrast nicely with your tan, while the Admiral Antique in Silver Plated will be more suitable for an autumn or even winter style.


The Ananas – Solaire collection

Pineapple Bracelet



Amiral Antique – Plaqué Argent collection


Admiral Bracelet

Faced with this diversity and this vast field of possibilities, other criteria emerge such as the values ​​conveyed or simply the promise of sustainability. As you will have understood, today we want to guide you to give you all the reasons to choose one bracelet over another.


Choose a bracelet for the values ​​it conveys


To choose a bracelet, what better than to rely on the values ​​it conveys. In any case, this is the vision of things that we wish to adopt at Le Vent à la Française since our priority has been to imagine a product that 100% reflects our commitments and our values.

By placing local production and new consumption patterns at the center of our manufacturing process, it was important to us to offer you a quality product that meets your expectations. From this, our iconic wind rose bracelet was born. It combines elegance and simplicity, while respecting high manufacturing requirements.

By having at heart to adopt a more ecological behavior, it was obvious that we had to act in favor of the planet and the environment. To illustrate, the Aubier bracelet from the wood collection reflects our concerns. It is made of the iconic recycled polyester cord combining shades of beige and white. Guaranteed for life, it comes to sublimate a pretty piece of beech wood, from French eco-managed forests. Each of our products is thus manufactured locally in order to make use of short circuits. These simple little gestures allow us to act directly on our carbon footprint by greatly reducing it.


Aubier – Bois collection


Sapwood Bracelet


In addition to this environmental dimension, all of our bracelets require the know-how of an ESAT itself located in France, to finalize the piece with an elegant engraving. For us, supporting beautiful values ​​means starting in this way by favoring French economic players such as workshops and adapted companies that benefit from being highlighted. They need our help to move forward and keep the beauty of their knowledge alive.


Wearing a Le Vent à la Française bracelet: a guarantee of durability


Imagined, designed and then designed in the heart of Auvergne, our bracelets are made with the aim of reflecting solid commitments to offer you only the best. Durability is precisely one of them, since it is one of the issues for which we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, so that you can benefit from the exemplary quality of which we are proud.

Thus, as you surely know, many and many people are looking for a different consumption, which is more adapted and more reasoned. Such a choice therefore allows you to align your way of consuming with your values, but it is also a way to ensure quality. Indeed, by buying less but better, the desire to favor a solid and durable piece increases.

By opting for our bracelets made in France, you have the guarantee of the transparency and honesty of our process since you can witness an established traceability from A to Z, until the finished product. Favoring 100% French manufacturing provides many advantages since by choosing a Wind bracelet, you are sure not to be disappointed with the trip. Indeed, we make sure to allow you the opportunity to obtain a cord guaranteed for life thanks to the craftsmanship and the close collaboration with the Gauthier Fils workshops.

By being able to support up to 70 kg of tension, have no doubt, whether it's raining, snowing or selling, your bracelet will follow you to the end of the world. Designed in 100% recycled polyester, it combines resistance and solidity while minimizing its impact on the environment. What more could you ask for than being able to combine pleasure, quality and durability!

And you, what are your criteria for choosing a bracelet?