C’est quoi la mode éthique ?
C’est quoi la mode éthique ?

What is ethical fashion?

Ethics in fashion


The principle of ethical fashion appeared in the 1990s. Its objective? Respond to many environmental and social issues in fashion. It is a philosophy of life which appears slowly.

Ethical fashion was publicized in 2013, on the initiative of the Fashion Revolution association , after the collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory in Bangladesh. This tragic accident led to the death of 1135 people, employed by subcontractors of major fast fashion brands. It is thanks to this historic event that a wave of awareness to rethink the textile industry was born, adopting more ethical, fair and environmentally friendly values.

Ethical fashion is therefore brands that take real moral and responsible guidelines: environmental protection, respect for ethics and fair trade...

Upcycling , local production, eco-design... These are all the concepts of ethical fashion.


Ethical fashion is not so unique


Ethical fashion is a portmanteau of many practices. Moreover, it is not only called ethical fashion: it can be sustainable fashion, eco-responsible fashion, slow fashion, conscious fashion and many more...


The fast fashion problem


Behind a continuous production of clothes, hide catastrophic social conditions.

Fast fashion brands grow by selling clothes at the lowest possible price within their limits. But if on the market you can get a dress for only 10 euros, it's good that the remuneration is not fair at the different stages of the production chain.
Too low wages for workers, women and children on the front line and disastrous working conditions.

Ethical fashion is the opposite of so-called fast-fashion, the objective of which is to produce a lot of low-cost, low-quality clothing to encourage the consumer to renew their wardrobe as frequently as possible. .

The slow fashion which stands in antonym, wants to be slower and more sustainable: it favors the quality, the durability of the clothes rather than the quantity while respecting environmental standards.

“Buy less, choose well: that's the maxim. Quality not quantity. It's the most ecological thing you can do” Vivienne Westwood, stylist committed to eco-responsible fashion.


Slow fashion - responsible dressing


Clothes in all transparency


Ethical fashion clothes are meticulously made to respect the values ​​they must wear. To know if a garment has been developed in complete transparency, here are some indicators.

Ecological materials: eco-responsible clothing is clothing that respects the environment and animals.

Cotton comes first from a flower, and polyester comes first from a barrel of oil. So, we can still use these materials, by recycling them! Materials, there are many others, organic wool, jute, cork, silk, hemp, or even linen.

Tencel is also an ecological material, its material comes from wood pulp and its production requires 5 times less water than cotton.

Check the place of manufacture and the working conditions: the place of manufacture is a good indicator to know in what social conditions the manufacture took place. But it is still difficult to navigate, we grant you! Indeed, if we regularly observe cases of indecent wages, child labor, or insecurity at work, these countries are not necessarily incompatible with ethical fashion. There are also so-called ethical factories, which use responsible and decent social practices.

The labels then come into play and certify in turn, the social or environmental responsibilities during the manufacturing process.


We advise you


All this path towards ethical fashion is not always easy to find. This is why our blog seeks to advise you to give you the right plans and the right advice, if you aspire to a more responsible dressing room.

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