5 pièces à avoir dans son dressing pour homme
5 pièces à avoir dans son dressing pour homme

5 pieces to have in your men's wardrobe

In the same way as the previous article which was intended for women, here are 5 classics for you gentlemen to have in your dressing room!

Even though the general opinion thinks that men care a lot less about fashion than women, we think that both are equal. Many men like to be well-dressed and feel fashionable. We must also satisfy the male gender for this article. Not jealous !

For you too, gentlemen, there are essentials not to be neglected, to build a solid base in your closet.

A perfect dressing room is not an accumulation of pieces, most of which are useless. A male wardrobe must contain the essentials to be perfect at all times and for all occasions.

To fully follow our moral values, we suggest today that we focus mainly on basics, pieces that we can keep from one season to another, therefore in which we can invest in a sustainable way. Each piece presented is eco-responsible and is part of a fashion scheme that makes things happen!


One foot in commitment, the other in trend


Sneakers bring a casual touch to any outfit. They are comfortable and stylish. The sneakers are available in an infinity of materials, styles and colors, you will necessarily find the one that suits you fully. On this market, many brands are present, but we opted for the eco-responsible brand Saye . These recycled sneakers are made in Europe, and are 100% natural.


Sneakers SAYE


Not too formal, but still!



The shirt must be well cut and comfortable, otherwise you will not wear it. In terms of color, the white or light blue version is undoubtedly essential to our eyes. We opted for the white shirt, which adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. It goes perfectly with a suit or jeans! In addition, a cotton shirt will be much more pleasant and breathable. So if you don't have it yet, don't hesitate to add it to your list of missing parts.


Organic cotton white shirt


Practical and comfortable


Shorts are also a must for you gentlemen. Indeed, between jeans, suit pants or Bermuda shorts, there are not many really comfortable options available to you. For the days that are a little more relaxing, when you don't have much important to do. Trendy, comfortable, responsible, we present to you the Patagonia light blue shorts.

These shorts are vegan and recycled, their polyester is made from waste, such as plastic bottles. Recycling this waste saves 59% energy and 32% CO2 emissions, compared to its classic version. It holds the Fair Trade Certified label.


Patagonia Blue Shorts


The cap


The cap is a precious accessory. It matches shoes, socks, bracelets... It's a good way to finish an outfit in the rules of the art, to add color, or a more casual side. You can also simply use it against cold, heat, rain and wind. There are a multitude of caps for you that are made from both light and heavy materials: suede, solid jeans, cotton, wool...

The cap on men's outfits is the ideal touch that will serve to fit in too traditional style tones. To do this, we have selected that of the Knowledge Cotton Apparel brand. An orange cap with an organic cotton logo, 100% organic cotton.
It holds the GOTS and PETA labels.


Knowledge Cotton Apparel Cap


Your little something extra


Le vent d'Argent gris , a model with a look that is as mysterious as it is elegant. The bracelet is an essential so that you are fully satisfied when you look at yourself in the mirror. This jewel comes to dress your wrist, and sublimate your outfits.


Bracelet Le Vent d'Argent Gray 950 Silver collection Le Vent à la Française

We have chosen our emblematic collection, 950° Silver. A shiny piece in solid silver, made in fifteen steps in an exceptional French workshop to be then tied with a nylon cord, guaranteed for life. Our bracelets are 100% made in France, and are part of a CSR approach.