5 pièces à avoir dans sa garde robe pour femme
5 pièces à avoir dans sa garde robe pour femme

5 pieces to have in your wardrobe for women

Who does not know the anguish of the outfit of the day, every morning in front of his wardrobe?

We give you the solution: have the right basics! They have the great advantage of not going out of fashion, and of being easily associated with everything to be worn in all circumstances!

Some fashion pieces are must-haves that every woman should have in her dressing room. These pieces will go with all your outfits to achieve endless results and with them you are sure not to make any mistakes. What to feel beautiful every day without taking the lead.

The Vent team offers you its advice in order to know which are these 5 unmissable pieces!
We do not forget the dimension of our values, at the time of consuming better, all the products selected are ethical each in their own way, we will explain everything to you!


Never without my friend, my friend JEANS!


Loose jeans are essential when you don't want to worry about it that morning, when you still want to have an outfit that is out of the ordinary, and comfortable! For the sake of budget, we offer ourselves jeans in different colors in fast-fashion stores, but we realize that over the years, they relax very quickly and begin to no longer be flattering for the silhouette. . So, let's opt for 100% cotton jeans, more expensive, we concede, but which will never disappoint us.

These jeans come from the People Tree brand , a pioneer in ethical fashion for women. It is certified by the PETA, GOTS and Fairtrade labels.


Jeans Boyfriend People Tree


Easy to put on, beautiful to look at, soft to wear!


Perfect cut and pleasant material to wear, this very simple t-shirt must be acquired by all!
Iconic piece of the male and female wardrobe, the T-shirt can be worn with everything and adapts to all styles. On one opted for that of the Thinking Mu brand , an ethical brand that offers trendy habits for fashion, and trendy for the planet. An organic cotton t-shirt with GOTS certification. This simple t-shirt represents best environmental practice, best social and ethical practice, best practice in traceability, and best closed loop initiatives.


Thinking Mu Love T-Shirt


The little extra thing to mark an outfit…


The PetitJean Paris brand says it so well, “we design silk tales”. With this wonderful accessory, your outfits will no longer be synonymous with hesitation! The brand even gives you advice on how to wear each piece according to the dominant colors and patterns.
The collections are 100% responsible and the products are made in France. Silk is an invitation to comfort, softness and elegance.
The silk square, or scarf, is available in several thousand patterns, colors, aspects, materials... you will necessarily find the one that suits you, or you can opt to start a collection!


Scarf PetitJean Paris


In 3 words: simple, sober, elegant


A black dress is a timeless that every woman is happy to find when this dinner or this evening to which you are invited does not inspire you. Its simplicity is certain, its sobriety gives you the opportunity not to attract all eyes on you, and to spend a sweet and calm moment, and its elegance is assured! With a black dress, you are sure to feel comfortable, because you have not taken any risk, yet you can still accessorize it for touches of color, nothing is lost!

This model is made of 100% tencel, an ecological and biodegradable fiber. Made in France, and labeled Oeko-Tex. A creation of the Avani brand.


Avani Black Dress


The secret of the accessory


The last item you need to have in your wardrobe is a bracelet to add what is missing in your outfit. No more having to choose between your entire collection tangled up in your jewelry box. A colored cord to bring vitality, a silver piece to remain distinguished, but simple, nothing more!
Our Litchi bracelet from the solar collection owes its beauty to its sugar-coated pink hue, and its quality to our partner workshops that maintain French know-how every day.

Welcome to Le Vent à la Française.


Bracelet collection Le Litchi Solaire Le Vent à la Française