4 idées reçues sur le Made in France
4 idées reçues sur le Made in France

4 received ideas about Made in France

In vogue this year, more than ever, the made in France is much talked about. Before reading this article, we talk to you about French manufacturing here .

Having caused a lot of talk about him, tongues were loosened, and false information began to circulate in the collective discussions. We therefore decide to restore the truth about this mode of French manufacturing!

The made in France receives received ideas that can be true or completely erroneous: here are four to help you better understand this mode of operation.


French manufacturing guarantees me 100% traceability


No ! The mention “made in France” does not guarantee its traceability on the hexagon only.

The “made in France” label stipulates that the product originates from the country in which it underwent the last substantial transformation. We should not therefore rely too quickly on this indication.

In addition, the “Origine France Garantie” certification guarantees consumers the traceability of the product by giving a clear and objective indication of origin. This is the only certification that attests to the purely French origin of a product.

Discover the guarantees of buying a product “made in France”

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French manufacture is more expensive


Made in France offers many advantages, but at what cost? Some French people say they are “ready” to pay more for confidence in quality, but in the end, is made in France more expensive than an ordinary product?

French products have a higher cost, that's a fact. The prices of local products are two to four times higher than those of products produced outside. But if we think “long-term”, the cost is not so worrying. Indeed, the durability that the “made in France” promises is certain. The French product guarantees a quality that makes it more resistant and considerably increases its lifespan. “Made in France” products are appreciated for their quality, and for the conditions in which they were made.


French manufacturing a political side


“I am what I consume”, when the purchase of a Made in France product becomes a political, patriotic and civic act. The notion of belonging comes into play in the made in France: the consumption made in France appears in fact as a way to participate in favor of the French, the French, and their territory. This goes above a consumption of products whose manufacturing process took place in France. We must therefore not confuse politics with commitment. Consuming “made in France” is not a political act that supports a sect that wants to be fashionable. Nothing of all that, consuming a product “made in France” is simply to feel in cohesion with the values ​​of your country! Values ​​that want to be “moral” but not “political”. Pay attention to nuance.


French manufacture is not enough for me


Some ethical brands


You may have the impression that consuming “made in France” means having to reduce your purchase rate. It is and it is a good thing for our planet! Let's not forget that one of the key slogans is to “consume less, but better”. However, there are now many ethical brands, and you can find French manufacturing in all the products you want. Whether it's for a new pair of shoes like with the Caruus brand, 1083 quality jeans, or to redo your interior with the Apan brand.

An immensity of brands and for absolutely all expectations are now anchored in French manufacturing. Discover all the brands in France thanks to the Made in France guide .

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