10 marques de mode éthique avec qui on veut faire bouger les choses
10 marques de mode éthique avec qui on veut faire bouger les choses

10 ethical fashion brands with whom we want to make things happen

A responsible dressing room, full of clothes and full of pride, it's possible!


How are we showing you?
Let's discover together these 10 ethical fashion brands with which we want to make things happen.

To recognize an ethical fashion brand, a committed brand, research can sometimes be long.
Here are the main lines to recognize an eco-responsible brand:
First, the materials used are a main indicator. Choose the least polluting materials, recycled or upcycled materials. Despite this, an eco-responsible brand produces few clothes and collections to use the minimum of raw materials.

Labels are also a very good indicator. The Oeko Tex label is the one you will find the most on your responsible clothing labels. There is also the GOTS label which promises environmental protection.
On the social level, we turn to the ILO label, which certifies good working conditions.

Finally, the place of manufacture is a very good indication when you do your research. Choose Portugal, Spain, France or Italy which are subject to European labor laws.
On the other hand, avoid countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, or Cambodia which come to sow doubt.

However, be careful not to jump to conclusions too quickly. We will see in the following brands that some can be made on the other side of the world, while being responsible and sustainable.



Noyoco, the bet of the mixed


Alexis Bance and Louis Goulet founded a brand to offer a mixed and eco-responsible wardrobe. The site features minimalist pieces that are easy to wear. It is above all a story of materials, which are carefully selected for their durability and their impact on the environment.
A brand made in Europe with workshops that share their commitment through their quality know-how.


Noyoco fir green jacket
Fir green, an unbeatable color, see the product


17H10, made for your ambitions


By women, for women, the 17h10 brand propels you into the world of your future plans. Amélie and Caroline, creators of the brand, want to satisfy you with clothes at a fair price, made in small quantities, close to local craftsmanship.
Quality and durability at the same time, this is what the brand offers with natural and responsible materials, 2 reference labels, and upcycled collections. Unused woolen sheets are salvaged to produce elegant and sensible suits.


5:10 p.m. Tailor for women
For your next important meeting, see the product


Sunday runner, sporting adventure


A new way to exercise during your sports sessions. “Running in the right direction” is what Mathieu, Florian and Maxime promised each other when they launched their eco-responsible and 100% Made in France brand. Their playground being in danger, they opted for a virtuous model, by offering their customers to change their habits. Short circuit and recycled materials from the product to the packaging, will also give you the opportunity to run differently.


Sunday Runner T-shirt
The sport that becomes a pleasure, see the product


Perpète, a cool future


It was after starting their career in mass-market fashion that Nathalie and Sandra decided together to rethink this fast-fashion. The most logical thing for her was to think of the children. The lifespan of their clothes is even more limited, children grow up quickly! First of all, resistant products, responsible materials, and a European location. Then, a second life for the clothes, by taking back the clothes that have become too small.


PERPETE - Mixed two-tone organic cotton sweatshirt
An organic and good sweatshirt with its salted butter caramel bigoût, see the product


Knowledge cotton apparel, enjoy the softness of cotton


It is a Danish brand that offers high quality pieces thanks to incomparable materials such as organic cotton. The brand offers durable, quality cotton pieces, with prices charged that are broadly consistent.


Knowledge Cotton Apparel - t-shirt
Have you ever tried organic linen? See the product


Veja, the French gem


The sneakers are made in Brazil with organic materials and under fair trade rules, without a single euro of advertising, the brand is committed to sustainability and fits perfectly with our sense of ethical fashion.


VEJA - Sneakers Shoes
Marshmallow on your feet, see the product

Colorful Standard, a rainbow of commitments


Colorful is a colorful clothing brand. This Danish brand fully respects the environment. Indeed, it only uses organic cotton and merino wool. In addition, the dyes are certified chemical-free, to preserve your health above all else.

Colorful Standard - Hoodie

Thinking Mu, Spanish and responsible


Thinking Mu is more of an attitude than a brand. This Spanish brand is also committed to many points, through t-shirts with quirky messages.

There is fair trade, the brand has been working with an Indian community since its inception. And yes, even on the other side of the world, we are responsible! Unsurprisingly, the materials used are natural such as hemp and organic cotton.
Thinking Mu - T-shirt
Mamma Mia..! See the product

Eio, innovative fashion


Let's Talk... Sunglasses!

With the Eio brand, you can fight against plastic pollution with useful, trendy and value-packed fashion. The brand is completely transparent, it tells us that the hinges are made in Germany, for lack of suppliers in France.
Eio - Sunglasses
To chill in the sun… See the product

Louvreuse, the case is in the bag


Louvreuse is a brand of eco-responsible bags that was founded in 2016 and aims to be totally ethical, supportive and positive. Some are made from scraps of fabric and leather. The designer called upon a family workshop in the west of France to manufacture her bags. The leathers are purchased from an Italian tannery, to ensure the traceability of the skins.


Louvreuse - Handbag
Geometric bags, rather original, no? See the product

Le Vent à la Française, the 11th ethical brand


Our team offers essential values ​​and timeless bracelets. You will be surprised by the quality of our ropes and our medallions, and you will be won over by the Solaire collection, which is more feminine and very colorful!

If we talk about color, we have to talk about this one: the Passion. Its lavender shade will give you the opportunity to combine it with other colors that are available, such as the Myrtille for a perfect combination.
Bracelet Le Passion solar collection Le Vent à la Française