Pourquoi notre bracelet est le bijou homme idéal ?
Pourquoi notre bracelet est le bijou homme idéal ?

Why is our bracelet the ideal men's jewellery?

You are not unaware that jewelry, and more particularly bracelets, have a special place in the male wardrobe. Too often there is still this image of the bracelet evoking femininity. However, at Le Vent à la Française, we are keen to shake up the codes, in order to bring modernity and innovation to this type of accessory.

Today, trends have evolved and men's jewelry has almost become essential. The bracelet has also been a favorite of men for some time since it is in first place among the most popular jewels.

The bracelet is also emblematic of the Vent à la Française since on each of them you can find the symbol of the Rose des Vents. It is not a trivial choice because it offers many references that can echo everyone, such as travel, adventure, freedom and even escape. There is nothing better to democratize the wearing of jewelry by men than to allow everyone to identify themselves.

This strong symbolism makes it possible to affirm the character of our jewels, it then becomes impossible to see a bracelet as a simple accessory, even an ordinary piece since it is the opportunity to make all the difference. However, to optimize and perfect your appearance when wearing one of our bracelets, you have to understand the range of possibilities offered by the accessory.


The beginnings of men's fashion: the appearance of bracelets


As surprising as it may seem, you have to go back many years to realize that men had already adopted this habit, similar to today, of adorning their wrists with bracelets. You have to look back 100,000 years to see that men wore body ornaments as a sign of social status or simply for stylistic decoration.

Often made from natural and primary materials, it will be necessary to wait for the Neolithic period to see real pearls appear on these same ornaments. Continually evolving, fashion has never stopped adapting to knowledge and technological advances.

Thus, it must be understood that wearing jewelry has always been part of the traditions, culture and beliefs of man. For several centuries, bracelets have taken a real place in the lives of both men and women, because not only is it a way to enhance each and everyone's body, it is also a real means of expression.


Why choose one of our bracelets?


In addition to considering one of our bracelets as a real pleasure to offer, it is also a way to consume differently. Indeed, by opting for a Le Vent à la Française bracelet, you are investing in a durable, ethical bracelet, and above all produced on a human scale. With a sleek and colorful design, it allows you to assert your style and personality while being in line with your values ​​and commitments.

If you have a traveler's soul, it is very likely that you will find what you are looking for among all our collections. The Wind bracelet has been designed to please people with a strong sensitivity for simple, refined, high quality things. It seemed essential to us to select the finest and most eco-responsible materials for a unique result.


Why our bracelet is the ideal men's jewelry - Why choose our bracelets - Le Vent à la Française


If you are looking for a jewel that will not leave you for the next few years, look no further, we have what you need. Timeless, our bracelets made in France blend in with the times and are equally suitable for men and women.


Wear the bracelet in the masculine


There's no secret to wearing a bracelet as a man, just using common sense, but we have no doubts about that. The main thing is to keep in mind that we must avoid going overboard at all costs.

It's all a matter of choice, since you can choose to wear one of our straps to enhance your watch, or on the contrary, opt for a more refined look by opting for the opposite wrist. You can also dare the technique of stacking or accumulation, by wearing several bracelets if they are thin. So there is no real rule, the important thing is that you feel good and that you dare.

To choose one of the bracelets of the Wind, let your instinct do things, it will guide you to the appropriate jewel that you will be proud to wear. Discreet and refined, they are there to perfect and finalize your existing style. There's nothing better than sticking with what you love, because you won't be disappointed. Whatever happens, a bracelet for men is defined according to his personality, his lifestyle and his tastes. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild!


Our favorite models of bracelets for men


The Galion – Noir Asphalte Collection


One of the bracelets that we can recommend for a man is ideally the Galion which can approach masculine expectations with its medallion in black asphalt. You are sure not to go wrong with the colors since black easily matches all styles, from the most casual to the most formal.

Speckled with yellow and grey, it brings the originality and dynamism necessary for a successful contrast. Enough to capsize many male hearts!


Bracelet The Galleon


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The Pommier – Solaire Collection


How not to fall for the Solaire collection? Especially the bracelet Le Pommier having the wind in its sails since it will come naturally to raise your nascent tan. Its pretty water-green hue will reflect summer: sunny and full of vitality.

The small size of its aged silver-finish bronze medallion will give you the opportunity to associate it at will with a watch or other bracelets in addition. We are certain, it doesn't get more summery than this!


Bracelet The apple tree


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Le Vent d’Argent Tempête – Argent Massif collection


And if you opted for an original and French bracelet? Useful, eco-responsible and of high quality, it is the Vent d'Argent Tempête that we want to talk about. From the Argent Massif collection, the brilliance and sparkle of its medallion will take you on a whirlwind of uniqueness and authenticity.

There won't be any easier to combine than its elegant black cord speckled with white. Water resistant, you won't even need to take it off during your activities!


Silver Wind Storm Bracelet


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So, convinced?