Our commitments are founded on strong values. Our products are entirely made in France, in workshops of excellance whose savoir-faire has been recognized for several generations. Our CSR approach is also one of the brand's pillar.

The French production

Our creations' quality is an essential promise. We are commited to provide durable and admirable accessories. The 100% French production is not an insignificant choice, a fashion, or even a fad. It is the promise to produce ever less, but ever better, to fight against the depletion of planetary resources.

In addition, French production allows us to highlight our environmental, economic and social commitments. The "made in France" is 100% part of our ethic, to keep the promises we make every day. Therefore, we make sure nothing escapes us.

FIA Médailles

Our confidence in the production of our medals is granted to FIA Médailles. It is one of the few companies, on the french market, to create personalized medals. We share the same values as this company, which has never given in to relocating its premises abroad.

Expert hands have been running this company for years, and the result is clear. The company is a listed entity in the Patrimoine Vivant, a label given by the State in order to distinguish French companies with a unique savoir-faire.

Gauthier Fils

The cord of our bracelets comes in a dozen different colors and patterns. We owe it to the Gauthier Fils workshops, a company that has been based in the Puy-de-Dôme for almost 100 years.

With them, nothing is impossible. Between their hands, “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. We have the chance to be able to collaborate with passionate people, who offer the best savoir-faire they have to the cords of our bracelets. By their side, we found the cord that meets our requirements, which is created and maintained daily by the Gauthier Fils company, guaranteeing the resistance of our creations. We provide a lifetime guarantee for our cords to make sure that the bracelets will follow for life.

Sustainable development

Le Vent à la Française's work in sustainable development is based on reducing our environmental impact by offering collections designed to last. We want to leave a positive mark on the world by respecting natural resources.

Thus, our sense of responsibility has led us to design 2 perfectly eco-responsible collections.
Producing all our collections in France drastically reduces the carbon footprint of our jewelry.

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