Pourquoi nos bracelets ne vont pas quitter votre poignet cet été ?
Pourquoi nos bracelets ne vont pas quitter votre poignet cet été ?

Why our bracelets will not leave your wrist this summer?

Emblematic of the Vent à la Française, the bracelets are at the origin of our brand. A true reflection of our values, it seemed obvious to us to design a bracelet made by hand in France, which could be in line with local production and innovative consumption patterns.

Thus, the bracelet is an accessory that you never tire of, and even less during the summer season when this jewel will nicely adorn your wrist. This time of year is the perfect time to contrast your caramel tan with a pretty Le Vent à la Française bracelet.

And why not let yourself be tempted by the subtle art of combining this or that bracelet, for a classic look or, on the contrary, mismatched, in order to sublimate your arms and wrists exposed to the rays of the sun. It's a good time to dare several combinations and other color schemes for a touch of cheerfulness.


Choose a suitable bracelet for the summer season


As you know, for many of us, summer is that moment of break and escape that we look forward to all year round. This feeling of vacation allows you to put aside for a moment this often repetitive daily life that it is possible to face. So what do you say to packing your bags by taking your most beautiful bracelets?

If you have the idea of ​​getting closer to the sea or opting for the swimming pool option, the waterproofness of our bracelets will not be refused. For this, we had the desire to design the trendy bracelet that will accompany you every day, every day. But the goal of was not to create an ordinary bracelet, since we wanted to combine eco-responsibility, robustness and aesthetics so that you could wear it without needing to change it.

Of great uniqueness, the medal of our bracelets has been designed and thought out to acquire a patina as your daily activities progress, in order to evolve at the same pace as you. Its evolving appearance will retain the beauty of its authenticity, that's a guarantee!

So the choice of the waterproof and water-resistant bracelet is a key element for this summer, since it is the one that will allow you to calmly approach the rises in temperature, even bathing in the sea and in the swimming pool.

And if you ever have a problem, don't worry, each lanyard is guaranteed for life, which means you can keep it as long as you want. Take showers, swims and even the most beautiful trips, with your bracelet on your wrist.


Our favorite models of bracelets for this summer


Our cord bracelets are just waiting for you this summer, and believe us, they won't stop amazing you! Pastel or simply colored, in wood or silver, the field of possibilities is endless so that you can find the bracelet made to measure for you.

In the meantime, we have concocted a small selection of our bracelets that will be perfect for the sunny days ahead.


The Marin Antique


To enhance your outfits, Le Marin Antique will be perfect to contrast nicely with your budding tan. Its elegant blue color can recall the seaside and the many associated memories!


Le Marin Antique Silver plated collection Le Vent à la Française



The Libeccio Antique


How not to fall for the beautiful cord of the Libeccio Antique, both navy blue and speckled with red and white, which will enhance your style with its soft blend of colors. And if you hesitate for the size of the wrist, it will adapt to young and old alike thanks to its sliding knots.


Bracelet Le Libeccio Antique Silver Plated collection Le Vent à la Française



The Pommier


Summer is synonymous with colors, sun and joy. The Le Pommier bracelet perfectly reflects these moods with its apple green cord and its thin medallion that reflects the sun's rays.


Bracelet Le Pommier solar collection Le Vent à la Française

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And you, which bracelet caught your eye?