Les innovations écologiques de 2021 qui nous plaisent
Les innovations écologiques de 2021 qui nous plaisent

The green innovations of 2021 that we like

What would you say if ecological and environmental innovation could save the planet? You would like to know more, we suspect it!

Our human activities have an increasingly important impact on biodiversity and the climate.

On a daily basis, companies or ambitious entrepreneurs develop new products so that the solutions are accessible to everyone!

The avant-garde projects of 2021 are here! We have selected them because we think they have great promise and are confident in their power.



On the food side….


C16 bioscience, the new palm oil


It is well known that palm oil has been associated with deforestation and habitat loss for many years now. To address this daunting problem, innovations are coming into play to produce an eco-friendly and sustainable substitute in the lab. It's a company called C16 bio sciences that stands out, given that it benefits from the investment of Bill Gates. The goal ? Producing palm oil identical to classic palm oil thanks to bioreactors, but without the negative effects of the usual palm oil and all the controversies it raises.


Demetra, food preservation


Fruits and vegetables spoil very quickly, it is a proven fact. So Green Code SRL has the idea of ​​developing a treatment that extends the shelf life of food. This treatment allows less food to be thrown away, and therefore significantly reduces waste.
In addition, no technical product is used for this technique. Thank you Demetra !


Food-related ecological innovations


Going through nature...


BioPack, the beginning of the end for single use


Plastic bags have been banned since 2016 in France, a step towards success, of course, but there is still a long way to go! It is therefore the designer George Bosnas who is interested in the development of BioPack. This packaging will be used to wrap the eggs. Composed of bleached paper pulp, organic vegetable seed starch and flour, you can even plant this packaging in the ground to watch pretty plants grow. From earth to earth, here is BioPack 's bet.


Ocean CleanUp, there is more plastic than fish in the ocean


The subject has been courted a lot, but we couldn't talk to you about innovation without telling you about this project.
80% of ocean waste comes from land, so we are the main players in its destruction. Experts estimate that in 30 years the number of fish will be lower than the number of plastic waste. We must act without wasting time, Ocean Clean Up presents itself as the biggest clean-up in history. The technology consists of placing a giant float in the middle of the ocean to gather the waste and extract it in one place like a giant net.


The Jordan project, the water cycle


Only 0.6% of wastewater in France is recycled. No country in Europe has a system in place for home use. While other countries such as Australia, manages to recycle up to 4% of its wastewater.
Climate change puts us at risk of a shortage of drinking water on earth. Construction of the project will last until mid-2022, and the project is expected to be operational in 2024.


Ecological innovations linked to nature


The fashion that goes into fashion


The world of ready-to-wear has recognized, there is little time, its contribution to the impact of the environment.

Solutions are found, applications are launched and values ​​are shared.


Common Objective, Fashion LinkedIn


This application is used to cross all the professionals of the production chain united around the same cause, to make sustainable fashion a standard.
Digitization has an essential role, which affects everyone and is faster. Zara adjusts its production according to its algorithm, a garment that barely makes a few clicks disappears from the offer.
The big mass production brands are also getting involved, and that feels good!


The new talents who are building the future


All of these innovations are led by talented souls who crave change.
In France, thousands of brands are investing every day to participate at their level in the world of tomorrow.
Our Vent team does its best to innovate and become eco-actors through our collections of ethical bracelets .