La renaissance du made in France
La renaissance du made in France

The revival of made in France

The history of made in France



"Made in France is not enough on its own".


This is often the phrase that has been associated with the disappearance of it.
But first, what is made in France?
Made in France is an original marking that companies indicate if they wish on their merchandise to characterize the geographical origin of the product.

A few years ago the made in France did not weigh more than that in the hearts of the French, and the world in general. In addition, the arrival of major production brands has overshadowed this movement. These brands offer quantity, for prices that seem lower than those of the local market, and a large number of people are won over... At the start!
Indeed, not everything can be so beautiful… The hidden face of these brands is quickly revealed, and it turns into a scandal . Participatory brands do not rely on their ethics. The ready-to-wear giants are accused of forced labor, and sometimes even of crimes against humanity, because of the endangerment of the environment.



The impact of his disappearance


The disappearance of made in France has left the door open to the world of fast-fashion.

What is fast fashion?

100 billion pieces of clothing are sold every year worldwide, so 60% more than 15 years ago. It is this excessive consumption of ready-to-wear and fashion accessories, which is called fast-fashion. A fashion that goes too fast, and takes everything in its path.
Choosing the major production brands, which use 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases each year, means choosing fashion to the detriment of the planet and people.


But what is it actually wrong?

There are a few key points to remember… Fast fashion uses either raw materials, which are responsible for 31% of plastic pollution in the oceans, or animal materials, at the cost of animal abuse and intensive farming.
It is considered that a pair of jeans travels 65,000 km, before arriving at the sales store, so it goes around the planet 1.5 times.
All this without counting the waste of clothing in which we have all already participated. Fast fashion is also disposable fashion. It is estimated that in Europe, each year, 4 million tons of waste are thrown away. The stone is not only thrown at consumers, rest assured. The culprits are also the fashion brands, which throw away their overproduction daily.



plastic waste



An unexpected and long-awaited return



Made in France takes on new colors


Awareness begins to dawn. Indeed, we must find a solution to no longer endanger the lives of humans, nor the future of our planet which will be destroyed if nothing changes, at the simple price of acquiring a woolen sweater or a nice pair of sneakers.
The solution was however before our eyes from the very beginning, the made in France is essential as an evidence.

He makes his unexpected and at the same time long-awaited return. The media has been an obvious trigger within the populations. Made in France brings solutions and more, it comes with a wave of young entrepreneurs, all of whom aim to transmit their values ​​and philosophies.

The enthusiasm for made in France can be explained through the brands that represent it. These brands don't just sell a product, they sell an identity.
It is therefore thanks to ethical fashion that made in France is making a comeback, and imposing itself. Among them, here are some brands to remember, which dare this differentiation.



The brands behind a new success


Too often, made in France is restricted to clothing only. Sometimes, without knowing, that we can carry this philosophy, under many other aspects! We have therefore made the choice here to present you with brands that offer something other than simple clothing.

Let's start by having one foot in the commitment with Bocage . The brand offers us a complete devotion to local craftsmanship and ancient craftsmanship. Their know-how has been mastered for years, following a very particular heritage of French industrial heritage. The brand has been able to invest and adapt to the rhythm of time, aware of the importance of the environmental impact, it wishes to be part of a responsible approach. 




After the shoes, it's your underwear's turn to change horizons...


Le Slip Français is a visionary brand that had its beginnings in 2011 thanks to the intuition of its creator, Guillaume Gibault. He firmly believes in the future of French textiles, and wants to invest his values ​​in it. It is therefore since its creation that the brand has guaranteed 100% French manufacturing. Le Slip Français follows new trends by adapting its development to our ecosystem.


The French brief


As for us ?


The Vent à la Française team wants you to travel while staying in France, with our different collections of bracelets. Made in France is also in jewelry! Models are timeless and the values ​​inscribed in them are necessary. This is a great way to participate in the renaissance of made in France, while discovering the Bois collection . Wooden bracelets are 100% eco-responsible. The Rose des Vents, the image of the brand, is engraved on a piece of wood. The cord, available in different colors to please each and every one of you, is made of recycled polyester.



The future of made in France


The made in France has experienced a time of absence, because of these industries which have been able to satisfy the demand, more and more, and more and more quickly. Its setting aside was only ephemeral. The soul of made in France, its validity and its transparency, was quickly lacking in the fashion world.

These different brands are therefore committed to a future of trust and authenticity, being aware of the favorable result of this concept on social and environmental issues. The fashion industry has destroyed everything in its path.
These brands give us the opportunity to do something simple, everyday, and within everyone's reach. We can help prevent the complete disappearance of quality know-how.
The future of made in France is in our hands!