L’éco-responsabilité, notre nouveau cap
L’éco-responsabilité, notre nouveau cap

Eco-responsibility, our new direction

Since our beginnings, we have wanted to be part of a more responsible, ecological and ethical production and consumption model. The initial challenge was to preserve excellent French know-how and promote the circular economy. Thanks to the short circuits and the partnerships established with our craftsmen, we have managed to make products that are 100% made in France, original and of high quality. But we have always had plans to go further in our approach. We thought long and hard about how we could anchor an ecological dimension in the making of our products.

We want to shake up fashion codes and want to offer you a real alternative to fast fashion. We offer products, clothing and accessories, ethical, ecological and responsible while of course preserving the work of our French artisans.

We still have a long way to go, but the wind is in our favor and is pushing us in the right direction a little more every day!


Our collection of eco-friendly bracelets


Since 2019, we have been offering a collection of eco-friendly bracelets made from beech wood from eco-managed forests and equipped with recycled polyester cords.


The forest: a major ecological challenge for the Vent team


The forest plays an essential role for Mankind and responds to many challenges: ecological function, economic function and social function.

Indeed, wood is a renewable material and satisfies our needs for housing, heating and making objects. But the forest is also an environment that is home to a very rich biodiversity, the fauna and flora are lush there, so it is essential to preserve it from human footprint.

Biologically, this biodiversity is much richer in forest environments than in other terrestrial ecosystems. Thousands of plant, animal and fungal species, essential to our life on earth, are found in our forests. In addition, trees help purify water, air and soil. They are formidable ramparts against natural disasters such as fires, avalanches or pollution.

For these functions to coexist on a long-term basis, the right balance must be found. Harvesting wood when necessary, yes, but not at the expense of the entire forest. In recent decades, labels have emerged to meet this expectation of consumers in order to consume with a clear conscience and with the greatest respect for the environment.

Aware of the importance of sustainable management of our forests, we have naturally chosen to favor partners who meet precise specifications and are certified by recognized ecological labels.


The Vent team designs bracelets and takes care of the green lungs of our planet


In December 2019, we found the perfect partner to create a collection of eco-friendly bracelets that resembles us. The beech we use to make our jewelry comes from sustainably managed forests.

We are happy to be able to offer you products that meet ecological and responsible values ​​while respecting the DNA of our company, 100% made in France.


Why did we choose beech to make our eco-friendly bracelets?


It is a sturdy, solid and durable wood. It resists humidity, cracks, external aggressions, and even insects! In order to offer you durable and timeless jewelry, we had to bet on an essence that could fully meet its criteria.

But these are not its only qualities. The choice of beech was also an aesthetic choice. It is a very pleasant type of wood to work with and which resembles an exotic light wood, so it is perfect for bracelets to enhance your wrist.


What does “from sustainably managed forests” really mean?


For a forest to be managed sustainably, there are a number of criteria to take into account:


- Certain dead trees must sometimes be preserved to protect an ecosystem

- Pruning or cutting work must be stopped during the bird nesting period

- After the harvest, the forest regenerates naturally (or trees are replanted)

- Activities cease on certain plots for several years in order to recover a state of optimal density of vegetation

- No chemicals are used and of course, we don't take more than the forest can give


Two labels make it possible to ensure that the harvesting of wood does not contribute to deforestation:


- The PEFC label , Program for the Endorsment of Forest Certification Schemes

- The FSC , Forest Stewardship Council


Eco-responsibility, our new course - forests - Le Vent à la Française



At Le Vent à la Française, waste becomes a resource!


We have also worked on the cord in order to be able to offer you a quality jewel while fully satisfying our ecological approach.
Made in France clothing allows us to promote the “circular economy”, that is to say a local economy. The item is produced and sold in France.
By choosing our eco-responsible raw materials, we also benefit from circular “production”.

In traditional industry, production and economy are linear: extract, produce, consume and discard. At Le Vent à la Française, we want to promote another model of production and consumption. This involves rebuilding the industry's economic model and promoting the circular economy to consume better and sustainably.

Produce – Consume – Recycle to reuse – Produce

We have therefore chosen to work with recycled polyester in order to break the traditional production chain and promote circular production.



The Vent team has many projects


Today, 16 pieces of our clothing lines are made from organic cotton or recycled materials and 8 100% eco-responsible bracelets.

We have thousands of projects in mind and we are doing everything we can to complete them in the near future.