L'aventure en Corse - Couché de soleil sur paysage Corse - Le Vent à la Française
L'aventure en Corse - Couché de soleil sur paysage Corse - Le Vent à la Française

Adventure in Corsica: The cliffs of Bonifacio

The island of Beauty



We invite you to join us to go with us to discover Corsica. Nicknamed the island of beauty, it owes its nickname to its sublime landscapes, which oscillate between red cliffs and turquoise waters. Proudly erected on the Mediterranean, it is a territory on which one never tires of looking at the horizon.

No need to go to the end of the world to satisfy your eyes with a surprising landscape with exceptional treasures. The journey from Toulon to Ajaccio takes less than 7 hours.
A bit like a human being, Corsica has forged an identity and character as it grew up. Because of its strategic position in the heart of our dear Mediterranean: Corsica has built a strong and rebellious identity.

Of course, to visit Corsica, there are gateways almost everywhere. Corsica is a region that abounds in visits, due to the sumptuous scenery it has to offer.
The essentials of your next vacation on the island are of course: L'ile Rousse, Calvi, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio, as well as its six nature reserves. Its reserves will give you the pleasure of being able to cross the magnificent seabed.


A mountain in the sea


Let's leave the evidence of the coast to take a little more height. There are no less than 120 peaks that culminate nearly 2000 meters above sea level.
The cliffs are part of the identity of Corsica, a breathtaking mountainous region!

At the edge of the GR20 , mythical path for long and beautiful hikes, which crosses the island from North to South, over 170 kilometers through the mountain, the number of visitors can sometimes exceed the 100,000 mark in a few weeks.

If you want to escape the furnace of the coast, the tumult of a place of high attendance, or to find the great outdoors after several months of health crisis, here is a good solution that stands before you.

Mountains Corsica

Our brand when visiting Corsica

Bonifacio, the city on the cliff

Le Vent à la Française is going on an adventure for you!
Our team set out to discover the cliffs of Bonifacio, located at the southern end of Corsica. First famous for its citadel which dominates the sea, the city of Bonifacio is especially famous for its steep cliffs of white limestone.
Reaching up to 100 meters high, the cliffs offer a breathtaking landscape, with a breathtaking view of a huge part of the Mediterranean.



At the crossroads of the winds


With its strength of character and tailor-made authenticity, this region perfectly reflects the image of our products.
Our bracelets, 100% made in France, are thought out and designed to measure to promise you a trip to the four corners of the world. The symbolism of travel is ubiquitous with our Rose des Vents, whose branches allow sailors to find their bearings.
Our Wind has now turned towards Corsica, and if you want to get closer to this incredible region, here are some bracelets that remind us of this audacious region.



The Dune - Noir Asphalte Collection

The contrast of the colors of the island of beauty, between bloodthirsty red and sparkling blue, evokes this bracelet. The beige cord reminds us of the beaches that run along the outskirts of the island, and its entirely black piece invites contrast and association, like all its shades of colors that you can discover in Corsica.


Bracelet La Dune collection Black Asphalt Le Vent à la Française



The Tempête Antique - Plaqué Argent Collection

We have chosen this bracelet to tell you about its appearance. In the same way as Mount Bonifacio, gain altitude with our medallions. Indeed, the Rose des Vents, which is our iconic symbol, has been engraved in relief on a silver coin, with the aim of making it an exception. Breathe in the fresh air with a wind rose sculpted and modeled on its metal part, in a workshop in Dardilly, recognized for its excellence.

The medallions are stamped with a Wind Rose on one side, and our logo on the other. The patterns are affected by a large number of details, their design required a meticulous technique as well as the precision of a goldsmith. Discover the secrets of our medallions .


Bracelet Le Tempête silver plated collection Le Vent à la Française