Devenez acteur de l’éco-responsabilité
Devenez acteur de l’éco-responsabilité

Become an actor of eco-responsibility

Eco-responsibility, since our beginnings





Eco-responsibility is the watchword that we have imposed on ourselves, since the premises of the brand. We had a project at heart, but more than that, an honest and transparent project.

The challenge was first of all social, to preserve French know-how, and to reduce the circuit of bracelets throughout the manufacturing process.
But little by little, an awareness has led us to also favor nature.
Made in France was good, but by going further in our project, we realized that eco-responsible made in France is even better!
Not all 100% made in France products are necessarily 100% eco-responsible. Indeed, the mention indeed guarantees its traceability, but not the materials contained inside.

Fishing nets


The procedures maintained

For us, the steps were simple, we wanted to navigate against the current of fast fashion and its environmental impact. To do so, all you have to do is turn to nature. And the success was such that several collections made with 100% recycled materials appeared over time.

For example, it was from 2019 that we offered a collection of eco-responsible bracelets made from beech wood from eco-managed forests and equipped with recycled polyester cords.



Now it's your turn !



All the cards are in your hands to become a responsible development actor! If you are wondering what is the point of participating in this commitment, we will explain everything to you!




Why become an eco-actor?


All of our daily actions can be improved. And on more points than you think!

In France, 10 trips out of 8 are made by car compared to only 2 by public transport or bicycle. The way we move has a great impact on the climate, and our health! Transport is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases.
The gestures that we are able to perform are omnipresent. We can act on our mobility, on our abuse of electronics, during our shopping, at home, and even during our outings and our holidays. Discover these 5 gestures to become an eco-actor , it's your turn!



Our part of commitment


As far as we are concerned, at Le Vent à la Française, we like to give you sound advice, and how to apply it!

And to do this, here is the opportunity to be a colorful eco-actor!

Discover our Solaire collection , a range of 12 small bracelets with fruity cords...
The colors that are offered to you will decorate your wrists, brighten up your days, and defend nature.

Its cord and medallion are 100% made in France, in prestigious workshops, recognized for their unique know-how.
All the cords of the bracelets that we offer are guaranteed for life, we change them at the slightest problem that appears!
Our responsibility is everywhere, even in our packaging, which is made of 100% recycled cardboard.


The Algue - Contre Courant Collection


The Algue, a beautiful cord in recycled fishing line duck green speckled with white.
The Algue is a 100% eco-responsible bracelet, made from recycled plastic and fishing line that adapts to your wrist, thanks to its sliding knots. The cord of your bracelet is guaranteed for life, for your greatest happiness and that of the planet.


Bracelet L'Algue collection Contre-Courant Le Vent à la Française


The Sève - Bois Collection


The Sève, one of the most elegant in the eco-friendly collection.
A beautiful beige cord speckled with blue associated with our famous wind rose medallion, available in wood from eco-managed forests.
Our bracelets are designed to last a lifetime, which is why the cord is guaranteed for life.


Bracelet Le Sève collection Bois Le Vent à la Française


The Labech - Argent Vieilli Collection


The Labech, a beautiful navy blue cord.
The medal of this bracelet is imagined and designed by our team, then produced in fifteen stages, in a French workshop in Dardilly (near Lyon). The Labech adapts to all wrists, small and large thanks to its sliding knots. Plus, it's guaranteed for life.


Bracelet Le Labech Aged Silver collection Le Vent à la Française


The final word…


At our scale, we can decide to make things happen, and for the scale to be higher and higher, more and more people have to get on it! We support the belief that every individual can make a difference. The sum of the individual actions can have a very important weight in the future of our planet.

So, what are you waiting for to become an actor of eco-responsibility?