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The story of our fleet !

Since the beginning of the adventure, we are looking to promote and perpetuate French know-how and quality production with our customers.
Our products are made and manufactured in workshops carefully chosen for the excellence of their achievements.

Beyond quality, we have chosen to work in collaboration with institutions that promote the social and professional rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

It is important that our values and identity are conveyed through our products, those who manufacture them and those who distribute them. Our partners and distributors are chosen with respect to these.
Stores, concept stores and independent jewellery stores with a strong identity! Energetic places in their neighbourhood, city and region.
Like our suppliers, we want to promote local shops which are for us the lungs of the local economy.

A choice of quality, know-how, authenticity and human touch.

Each shop is important to us, but also unique in terms of the character of our products.

And they have the wind in their sails!

« Chouette France is pleased to collaborate with the Le Vent à la Française because its values are also ours. Indeed, it promotes French know-how and offers quality fashion accessories.

Moreover, our customers love their chic and casual style! »

Chouette France

« A little crush in our concept store: the authenticity and made in France of the Le Vent à la Française brand, a nod to our ethics and French know-how that is widely appreciated by our customers. »

Madame Bavarde

« With Le Vent à la Française we can offer our customers the guarantee of quality French manufacturing. From bracelets to socks, it’s really great to work with this young, dynamic, dedicated and creative team… And this is only the beginning! »

Made in Frogs

« Finally a fashion accessory for men, of quality and inspiring! »

Dupont Dupont Store 

« Le Vent à la Française, an exceptional gift for a unique person »


And much more