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T-Shirt Woman – Coquillages et Crustacés


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T-Shirt Man – Nouvelle Vague


Our sweatshirts and t-shirts

Our sweatshirts are 100 % cotton with a 40% recycled from old clothes. Regarding our t-shirts, they are 100 % BIO cotton. All the collection is created within the ITHAC of Riorges, a disability-friendly workplace where 80% of employees are people with a disability. The fabric of our t-shirts comes from the Hauts-de-France region.


Our bracelets

The cords and the medals of our bracelets made in France are produced locally and assembled in an organization which encourages the professional reinsertion of people with a disability (ESAT, French support and work assistance establishment). Icing on the cake, the cords of our bracelets are guaranteed for life.


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Le Vent à la Française’s spirit is to imagine and create made in France fashion accessories for women and men. Thoroughly created by our team, our products are then crafted in the best skilled and renowned factories of our regions. Our goal is to offer unique and high quality made in France accessories.

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