Focus on donations

A donation is always helpful

Focus on donations

The sea world in which our products are part, naturally lead us to highlight the work and the needs of the SNSM (National Society of Rescue at Sea).
The SNSM is an association that aims to volunteer and free human lives in danger, at sea and on the coast.

Main missions

The training of rescue swimmers present on the coast during the summer period
The rescue offshore
Prevention of water hazards
Sea Rescuers perform an average of more than 5,000 interventions a year to rescue more than 8,000 people in difficulty

How donations
are splitted ?

80% of SNSM’s fundings are private donations, that is why they matter.

Each donation will allow the SNSM to match its needs and contribute to help all the 8000 volunteers when it comes to rescue people

In the continuity of our collaboration with the ESAT Pierre Doussinet, supporting the handicap was obvious.

Our commitment to the professional and sport reintegration of people with disabilities has led us to support the Handisport League AuRA which is the representative association of the French Handisport Federation at regional level.

A few numbers

4000 members
50 + sports of leisure or competition including 20 Paralympic
75% of those selected for the Paralympic Winter Games
160 clubs or handisport sections
10 Departmental Committees
14% of those selected for the Paralympic Summer Games
The sport of high level is, as among valid athletes, the showcase of Handisport, the team of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes League is particularly committed to developing sport for all, whatever the level.

Many actions are put in place to promote, on the one hand, access to all practices (nature sports, individual sports, team sports, integrated sport, etc.) and, on the other hand, to allow young students with disabilities to access sport in schools.

Each of your donations will facilitate access to sport for people with disabilities.
We offer you the opportunity to give a boost to the association of your choice when you order !