How long does it take for my order to be shipped ?

We do our best to ship your orders as quickly as possible to every part of the world.
The shipping time is of 3 working days…

My order must have lost its way through the winds because I’ve been waiting for it a very long time ?

Please send us an email to address your issue: contact@leventalafrancaise.com

In what size does a bracelet come ?

Our bracelets come in one size and can fit both men and women.

How can I adjust my bracelet ?

Our bracelets are equipped with slipknots that allow them to be adjusted to your wrist.

Is my bracelet water resistant ?

Yes, it is ! Our bracelets are all water resistant. However, we would advise against putting the golden coins in chlorine.

Can we find Le Vent à la Française in stores ?

The winds will get to the stores during 2018.

You’re a professional and would like to exhibit our bracelets ?

Click here : contact@leventalafrancaise.com

You live abroad and would like to order ?

No worries! We also ship our items abroad.

Are the bracelets allergen ?

Our bracelets are nickel free so there aren’t any allergies risks.

Can I return my order ?

You can return your order if you don’t like the item you’ve ordered.
To do so, the items must be returned in the same condition as when they were received.
I’d like to return my order : contact@leventalafrancaise.com

You wish to collaborate with us for a partnership ?

For a partnership, be free to contact us : contact@leventalafrancaise.com