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Le Vent à la Française

How the adventure started

Charles and Louis, two childhood friends and business students, one day had an idea and decided to dive right in : create ‘Made in France’ fashion accessories.

Interested in keeping the French savoir-faire going, high-quality making and changing people consuming habits, they started a timeless brand that brings together character and elegance thanks to a 100% French production.

To launch its very first collection, Le Vent à la Française imagined handmade bracelets with a strong identity. The medal completes an original bracelet that is available in different materials and colours to satisfy everyone’s personality. This unisex collection is aimed at everyone and is a must-have accessory.

The choice of materials and factories were thoughtfully guided by craft’s and sophistication values. Every ready-to-wear creation and accessories are authentic, high-quality as well as made respectfully of the French traditions.

The medals that we use are high-quality and stamped by the brand’s logo. They are forged in bronze before being covered by a silver finish by a Lyon company.

Beyond the bracelet

Our taste for adventure, our desire to create our collections in France and our optimism encouraged Le Vent à la Française to go further and expand its fashion accessory collection. That’s how the creation of beanies started, still produced with ‘Made in France’ guidelines to stay in line with the brand’s commitment.

Let yourself be carried by "le Vent à la Française"...

It rocks !

In the continuity of the products released so far, Le Vent à la Française worked on the design of socks, to expand its range of products 100% made in France. 16 pairs of socks, from classic to fancy models, were designed for this first collection “Feet in the Wind”.

The team is growing

Starting from 2, the crew of Le Vent increased to 5 in a few months with the arrival of 3 sailors in September 2018 and 3 new boatmen boarded the ship in April 2019 to lend a hand to our crew. With a superior work force, Le Vent à la Française can now work on the development of new projects.